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Blood Pressure Drops When Barber Shops Get Involved

African-American men are able to lower their blood pressure rates when pharmacists come into their barbershops.

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Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council: Paul Suttles

Take some health tips and advice from Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council member, Pivot Point's Paul Suttles.

World Water Day Is March 22

Review your salon's water usage and your awareness about water shortages on World Water Day 2018.

Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council: Jennie Wolff

Sola Salon Studios' Jennie Wolff shares her best advice for maintaining health in the beauty industry.

“Cinderella Diet” May Not Be the Glass Slipper You’re Looking For

Eating well and exercising still beats any fad diet that catches social media buzz.

Smart Step: “Standing Solutions” for a Standing Industry

Salon pros' backs and legs get relief with Smart Step mats.

10 Ways to Prepare for a Sudden Disaster

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers 10 tips for businesses to prepare for sudden disaster.

Don't Take Your Health For Granted - Stylist Gregg Giannillo's Story

Being a celebrity hairdresser doesn’t shield you from medical problems, but Gregg Giannillo found that clients will stand by you in the worst of times.

Katie Manselle: Competition Champion

The winner of two gold medals in Wella's TrendVision Awards talks about the value of competition in forging teamwork and nourishing creativity.

Shay Dempsey: Fitness Feeds Creativity

Here's a sneak peek to some exciting news about pairing hair with fitness from EDEN by Eden Sassoon''s Shay Dempsey.