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The Most Perfect Pink Hair Color and Hair Cut Combo with Color Formula

This from the talented Julie Holbrook, @headrushdesigns.

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COLOR CORRECTION: Grown-out Bleach and Tone with a Rosé Glow

Learn how to take your client from roots to rosé!

Hair Makeup How-To: Holiday Hair Color Accessory

A quick way to make your client’s holiday hairstyle even more special.

HOW-TO: Smoky Peach Pastel

Looking for the perfect mix of summer and sultry? Here's the formula for this smoky peach pastel.

2018 MODERN SALON 100 Ara Ko @araako

She specializes in taking naturally dark hair to the palest of pears, the prettiest of pastels, and keeps it looking healthy.  We always want to know what's happening with Ko and that made her a game changer.

HOW-TO: Muted Pastel Highlights from Paul Mitchell

Colin Caruso, Paul Mitchell artistic director of color, is having a love affair with balayage and pastel fashion shades. Recreate our July 2018 cover with these steps.

HOW-TO: Volcanic Ash Amethyst Color

This shade features a mixture of cool and warm tones, evokes the rare complexity of crystals and brings your client’s features into high definition.

HOW-TO: Violet Hair Color With a Touch of Opalescence

Just like the opal, this unique shade offers facets of silver and violet that shift in the light.

HOW-TO: Icy Pink Highlights from Moroccanoil

Silver has been around for a while and, instead of fading in popularity, celebrity colorist Briana Cisneros believes it’s changing—going a bit more pastel and less intense.

GET THE LOOK: Flirty Pink

You know your clients are clamoring for this pretty pink hair color! Here’s how to create the summer’s “It Girl” hue.