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Stormy Blue-Grey by Anastasia Amico

Anastasia Amico, Color Director for John Amico (@anastasia.amico)I used John Amico color and products for this dramatic, stormy look she calls "Chicago Skies."

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FORMULA: Pumpkin Spice Haircolor

There is pumpkin spice everything else so why not haircolor, too?!  John Amico Artistic Director Anastasia Amico (@anastasiaamico) used new BiovitaShine from John Amico  to create this spicy autumn haircolor.  Free of resourcino, ...

Formula: Blueberry-Grape Color Swirl

Anastasia Amico, artistic color director for John Amico, recently taught a class at Heidi's Salon and Spa, Warrenville, Illinois, on a color technique called color swirling. "Color swirling is a fast and easy technique to ...

Cold and Bold: '90s Influence Seen in Work by Anastasia Amico

Anastasia Amico, Color Director for John Amico (@anastasia.amico) says the 1990s are back in a big way. "I am seeing bowl cuts, bold color and strong streaks... and flare pants! I took that inspiration for this cold and bold ...

Fiery Color Melt by Anastasia Amico

Anastasia Amico (@anastasia_amico) shared this fiery color melt image on Instagram and here she graciously shares the formula, too."These colors have the ability to pierce through naturally and artificially colored hair using the 1:1.5 ...

HOW-TO: Crunchy Ends to Dimensional Mermaid Red

Anastasia Amico, artistic color designer for John Amico, took crunchy hair and made it healthy, vibrant and RED.