Wella Professionals' 2012 Trend Vision Finalists Announced!

Wella Professionals has officially announced the finalists for North America who have been chosen to compete at the North American Trend Vision Awards in Los Angeles, California. NEWS: This article has just been updated with a link to the NATVA 2012 winners!

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Blaze, Grace, Celeste, Roxy: Wella Trend Vision's Leading Ladies

To get a better understanding of Wella Professionals' trends, and to help you learn how to compete, I attended The Trend Vision Experience, a seminar held at P&G Salon Professional’s The Studio in Woodland Hills, California, where I got up close and personal with Blaze, Grace, Celeste and Roxy. Seminar leader and educator Victoria Thurman Hall and Rochelle Evans carefully dissected each look—what her personality is, her fashion and accessories, her cosmetic palette and, of course, her hair. So, who are these leading ladies begging to be interpreted? Let's take a look.

Blaze: Salon Friendly

How to: Blaze - Salon Friendly.

Blaze: Haute Couture

How to: Girl on Fire - Blaze.

Girl on Fire

Each year, at International Trend Vision, Wella debuts four trends to be interpreted by hairdressers worldwide. This year, “Blaze,” the Latin-infused femme fatale, was the most dramatic of the four looks.

Wella Trends for 2012 Introduced

The four trends for the 2012 Wella International Trend Vision were introduced to the Wella community today in NYC. Check out these videos to see how each appeared on the runway.