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Salons, Get on That Luxury Hotel's Radar

Marco Pelusi's interest and involvement in his area has meant new business for his salon and the forging of important relationships.

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Salon Digital Summit: Setting Your Salon Social and Digital Objectives

Tech expert and beauty enthusiast influencer Sarah Bryant @sarah_louwho shared the stage with salon artist and educator Chief Behr @chiefbehrhair to talk about how to use social media for a variety of purposes.

Tips on How to Improve Your Instagram Presence

Building a strong Instagram presence is essential to standing out in the beauty industry, and utilizing this free social service can be one of your best marketing tools. Learn some vital tips and tricks straight from the MODERN editorial team on how you can start boosting your business today with the help of social media.

3 Tips For Hairdressers on Black Friday

Heading out in your pj’s with a pie hangover just isn’t the best way to do Black Friday anymore. Stay in, get comfortable, the Donna Bella 4-Day Black Friday Event means business! We talked to Jordan Glindmyer, owner of Pinup Jordan's Mermaid Lounge, and got three hot tips for you this Black Friday weekend.

How to Merge Old-School & New-School Marketing Techniques

When it comes to building a personal brand, a careful balance of classic skills and new platforms are the keys to your success. In the branding world, some efforts go as far today as when your grandparents were networking and building brands and businesses. Arguably, the heavy saturation of social media, cell phones and email is making the desire for face-to-face interactions and physical—not digital—information even more valued now than in recent years.


I've had a lot of great things happening lately and I've also been speaking at many beauty schools plus working with a lot of new stylists. One question that often comes up is, "How do you become successful?"Aside from the ...

7 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

At Empowering You Consulting, Amy Carter says that working smarter, not harder, boosts productivity, enhances your creativity and saves energy. For information on her company’s Booth Renter’s Boot Camp, email: ...

How to Turn Your Front Desk Into a Profit Center

Front desk employees are one of the most valuable aspects of your business. Your front desk should do more than just answer phones, book appointments, and ring-out clients. If that’s all that they do, then they are a cost center: an ...

Academy Tour: Heidi Marie Garrett at Goldplaited Finishing Salon

Heidi Marie Garrett Bridal Styling ClassUpdo specialist Heidi Marie Garrett runs a tight ship, and her logical and organized approach to styling bridal parties has made her sought-after by brides around the country.Format: Mostly demos, some ...

TIGI's 5 Tips for Motivating a Salon Team

We spotted this terrific piece on the International Salon and Spa Business site and are sharing it here. It was written by Elisa Fischer, TIGI General Manager for the Americas, a dedicated advocate for hairdressers and leader in the professional ...