Kids in Your Salon Chair: Distraction, Distraction, Distraction

Watching your client go from hair cuts perched on a parent’s knee to seeing them off to college can be rewarding and heartwarming. But it also takes a whole lot of patience when working with children—and knowing the number-one rule.

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When Do You Fire a Client?

How many “chances” should you give yourself to please a client?

OWNER TO OWNER: How Every Guest Gets Celebrity Treatment at the Julius Michael Scarsdale Hair Salon

At the Julius Michael Scarsdale Hair salon in Scarsdale, NY co-owners Julius Michael and Monica Wald never single anyone out for special treatment. As far as they’re concerned, every client is entitled to a celebrity-worthy experience! Here’s how they make each customer feel like a star!

OWNER TO OWNER: 6 Ways Ochoa Salons & Spas Cultivates Loyalty

The owners at Ochoa Salon & Spa believe in the power of loyalty and they never veer from this core ethos. Here are 6 ways they foster a creative team, one that thrives on the power of relationships and grows into a multi-generational success story.

Top Tips for Making Men Feel At-Home and Valued in the Salon

In honor of National Men's Grooming Day, 18.21 Man Made Grooming offers their top tips to build loyalty, increase referrals, and give male clients the complete grooming experience.

3 Ways to Boost Client Loyalty

Whether you rent a chair, work on commission or own your own salon, you know that client loyalty is crucial to a successful career. Building that kind of trust with a client isn’t merely based on your killer balayage or long bob technique. The real secret to client loyalty is through the emotional journey and three specific touchpoints that your clients should experience each and every time he or she comes to the salon.

How Do Extension Services Foster Client Loyalty and Create Positive Experiences for First-Time Clients?

Irvin Krauledis of Cinderella Hair Extensions explains why offering extensions services is essential to success. She Hair by So.Cap. USA's Bernard Ory breaks down the ways that you can ensure it's a great experience.

9 Ways You Can Reward Client Loyalty

Are you looking for ways to build your business and create loyalty for years to come? Do you need something to keep them interested while maintaining an excellent working relationship? How do you keep clients from browsing other salons? MODERN ...