Color Case Study: Blorange To Blended

Bad color happens. See how color correction expert Cassandra McLaughlin transformed substantial regrowth with high contrast between roots and ends into a cool and creamy masterpiece.

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Elegant Bridal Updo: A Wedding How-To

With wedding season and prom right around the corner, brush up on your updo skills! Learn the steps to create this elegant, breathtaking bridal updo.

How-To: Volume Lash Extensions and Success Secrets

Learn the tried-and-true technique for Volume lash application.

How to Pump Up the Glam…With Your Flat Iron!

This iron’s unique, cylindrical shape allows you to maintain massive volume in the hair, even as you’re flat ironing. It also creates luscious texture.

VIDEO: Pulled-Out Fishtail Braid Demo with Lala's Updos

Laura Kaszoni (AKA @lalasupdos) demos a pulled-out fishtail braid at the Pink Pewter booth at America's Beauty Show ...

PERISCOPE DEMO: Help Your Client Through the Awkward Fringe Grow-Out Using Hair Extensions

Growing out a fringe can be awkward. In this Periscope interview and demo recorded live from America's Beauty Show 2016 in Chicago, Great Lengths educator Nanci Lee demos how to help your client through the painful grow-out stages by using ...

VIDEO: Tangle Teezer Paddle Blow-Styling Brush Demo

The Tangle Teezer team demos its new Blow-Styling Brush at America's Beauty Show 2016.Tangle Teezer is a full-size, blow drying paddle brush that takes hair from wet to dry. Its unique teeth allow for free-flow tension and no pulling and ...

HOW TO and TIPS: Controlled Chaos by Sam Villa

Sam Villa shows HOW TO create "Controlled Chaos" in this video using a razor and powerful sectioning.

VIDEO: How To Use the Hot Tools Argan Vapor Iron

Watch a demo of how to use this new cool tool, Argan Vapor Iron, from Hot Tools.

HOW TO: A 15 Minute Updo

Luis Alvarez of Aquage shows HOW TO create a 15 minute updo.