dimensional color

HOW-TO: Silver Slate Gray Hair Makeover

Color Master Guy Tang's client Felicity colored her hair black for approximately five years when she was in high-school. Then, one day she decided to lighten her own hair. Now for the past eight years she's been doing just that. Guy Tang ...

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4 Hair Color Looks That Add Depth, Dimension and Richness

Hairstylist and Make-up Artist Cristen Smith created these looks on four separate clients. In each, she explains her color formula/process in order to add depth and dimension to each look.

HOW-TO: Radiant Orchid Highlights by Alfaparf Milano

Radiant Orchid Violet hair color by Teri Guardino, Director of Education for Alfaparf Milano.

HOW-TO: Dimensional Deep Crimson Hue by Keratin Complex

According to Deb Gavin, International Artistic Director, Color Therapy for Keratin Complex, dimension is using a color that enhances or balances the main tone. Here, she creates a deep crimson hair color hue.

HOW-TO: Mirrored Ombre: Dark Chocolate, Carmel, Honey Tones

A mirrored ombre look from Scruples Whisper Collection. “The color transitions softly from dark chocolate, to carmel, to honey, then back to carmel, ending in dark chocolate,” says Amanda Evans, Scruples Artist.

Mature Client Makeover by Marie Ferro

A large part of the clients that come into Celebrity Stylist Marie Ferro's Malibu, California salon—Marie's Hair Studio—come in wanting gray coverage. "The trick to working with mature women is enhancing their skin tone by adding depth around the face, melting tone into the midshaft and leaving the ends light and bright," says Ferro. "Creating dimension in the hair mimics what the hair did before it turned gray." Ferro says to use a maximum of three tones to make the hair muddy. Follow her steps on how to re-create this look on your mature clients. It will make them look years younger!