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Is the Tension Screw on Your Shears Too Loose?

The tension screw on your shear is critical. Here, Sam Villa shares how to make sure it's properly tightened.

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How To Cut Blunt Bangs

Jesse Linares shares his guide to cutting perfect blunt bangs.

It's All About Blondes

Soft blonde hues were paired with choppy, layered cuts to create these breathtaking looks for stylist Jim Shaw's "IT'S ALL ABOUT BLONDES," collection. Using the dry cutting technique, every style was expertly sculpted into a ...

John Sahag 10-Year Tribute (1952-2005)

June 15, 2015 is 10 years since the legendary John Sahag passed away. This blog is a tribute to him and the amazing shapes he loved to make. His extraordinary work made him a world-famous icon with a client list beyond ...

John Sahag Tribute Hair Show Will Feature Demos by Dry Cutting Experts

The World Wide Beauty Exchange (WWBE) is hosting a collaborative artistic hair show on May 17-18, featuring stage presentations inspired by the artistry of John Sahag. The event will take place at the Osgood Landing in North Andover, ...

Talking Dry Cutting with Takashi

“I don’t like to see the ugly blunt line.”  This is Takashi Kitamura  (@takashikitamura_) talking, one of the inspiring creative artists of the Paul Mitchell team of hairdressers and creatives.  His method of dry ...

3 Tips for Texturizing Hair: Tools, Sectioning and Technique

Refresh your texturizing techniques with advice from Andrew Carruthers, director of education for Sam Villa. Here, he breaks down texturizing into three areas—tools, sectioning and technique.