Winter Vacation Guidelines for Perfect Bikini Zone Skin

For women planning a winter getaway to a warm-weather destination, the bikini zone suddenly becomes a big concern! If you have a spa at your salon, your problem is solved; you can book an appointment with the esthetician. If you don’t, ...

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Dermalogica Professional Additives Relaunch with New Touch Therapy Classes

Dermalogica announces the re-launch of three new and improved professional-use additives which allow the skin care therapist to customize and enhance professional treatments. In tandem with the product re-launch, Dermalogica will be offering a ...

Dermalogica Introduces New Expert PLUS Program

Dermalogica professional skin care announces the launch of Expert Plus, a new platform designed to reward top-performing skin therapists for their Dermalogica expertise and dedication to staying up-to-date on industry standards. Expert Plus will ...

Got Acne? 5 Foods to Avoid When Fighting Acne Breakouts

Are you or your clients acne prone? Is topical skincare not totally doing the trick? The problem may be lingering because of the foods you are eating. Find out which foods you should AVOID if you get the dreaded acne attack.

Janice Mitchell-Hurowitz: Menopause at the Salon

Menopause taught esthetician Janice Mitchell-Hurowitz to take good care of herself.

Lydia Sarfati: HOW TO Massage the Skin Properly

Lydia Sarfati of Repechage shows HOW TO properly massage the skin during a facial.

What You Eat Shows On Your Skin: Skin Smarts from Dermalogica

Claudia Aguirre, Ph.D is the Communications Manager for The International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica's training and learning centers throughout the world for professional estheticians and skin therapists.

ABS to Feature Beauty Talent Showcase

America’s Beauty Show and Cosmetologists Chicago is adding a new dimension to the BeautyBASH kick-off party at ABS by featuring the performance talents of selected salon professionals.

Top 10 Buzz-Worthy Ingredients for 2009

New and novel skin care treatments have created a buzz since the dawn of time. You might have recently read about nightingale droppings being used in high-end brightening facials, nibbling carp that exfoliate dry skin during pedicures or even heard about leeches applied to skin for health and wellbeing

Bellus Academy's Wellness Program

The Bellus Academy (which teaches hair design and sculpting, make-up artistry, esthetics, master medical esthetics, holistic health, massage, spa manicuring and more) has partnered with local businesses to help employers enhance and maintain the health of their employees with their new Wellness Program. This innovative program provides businesses with a unique opportunity to educate their employees on wellness, and takes a hands-on approach that offers complimentary wellness services and a year of discounted services.