hair growth

5 Tips to Achieving Long, Healthy Hair

We are all about finding silver linings right now to being at home for weeks on end, and one of those bursts of positivity are about giving our hair the chance to just "be." That being said, there is no better time to focus on hair health and allowing it to grow out.

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Boost Hair Growth with the Theradome Helmet

The helmet is designed to be easy to wear at home or in the office.

Trichologist's Toolkit: The Products You Should Be Offering Clients With Hair Loss

Trichology is the study of hair and scalp health—important knowledge for the stylist confronted with a client concerned about hair thinning or loss. Be prepared to recommend products and solutions that will build client trust and increase revenue.

HairMax: Laser Devices for Hair Growth

Hair loss and thinning hair are some of the biggest hair-related problems clients are facing today. HairMax laser devices were the first hair-growth lasers for home use to receive FDA clearance for the treatment of hereditary hair loss—men in 2007 and women in 2011. The brand has grown its distribution channel to include salon partners.

5 Ways Clients Can Get Their Hair Longer, Faster

Of course we all know there isn't really a miracle pill clients can take or a special head massage that can make hair grow at rapid-speed, but there are some things that your clients can do to promote quicker hair growth. Dominik Mager, ...

Philip Kingsley Introduces Trichotherapy Volumizing System for Fine and Thinning Hair

Drawing on over 60 years of trichological experience, Philip Kingsley introduces Trichotherapy, a volumizing system for fine and thinning hair. A three-step, at-home regimen, Trichotherapy takes a holistic approach to make hair look and feel fuller.

Viviscal Professional Celebrates 25 Years of Offering Thinning Hair Solutions for Men and Women

Viviscal Professional, a leader in thinning hair/hair growth supplements, is celebrating 25 years of proven hair loss solutions. Viviscal Professional’s supplements are scientifically formulated with the exclusive and clinically proven ...

5 Tips On How to Grow Hair Longer and Stronger

One of New York City’s leading celebrity hair care expert and restoration specialists, Dr. Robert Dorin, Medical Director of True & Dorin Medical Group, has helped many of his patients with thinning hair. Here he offers his top 5 tips ...

Cerafill, The New Redken Line To Address Thinning Hair

Cerafill, the new product line designed to regrow hair, was launched to the press this week in NYC. The Redken product provides both instant and long-term results in the line.

True Life: How Extensions Helped My Natural Hair Grow

Your clients can absolutely grow their hair while wearing hair extensions. Find out how I did it and how your clients can too.