How Do You Hashtag? The Best of 2017 Hashtags in Professional Beauty

That little crisscross of lines has become a powerful way to introduce subjects, themes, and even social causes. In the beauty world, the hashtag helps us find each other.

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The Top Tool To Grow Your Business, #Hashtags

If you tag it, they will come.

11 of 2016’s Top Hashtags in Professional Beauty

Here are some of the most popular beauty hashtags on social media. How do you hashtag?

2015 Best of #Hashtags

This year brought us beauty trends far and wide—from otherworldly haircolor creations to the short cuts no one could seem to get enough of and everything in between.

3 Ways Your Hashtags Can Lead You to Social Media Relevance

By now we’re all familiar with hashtags. We’ve searched hashtags, experimented with using them and laughed about the ways they can be overused. However, if you’re only viewing hashtagging as a quirky social media gimmick, ...

#Hashtag Etiquette

#Hashtags can play an integral role for brands connecting with audiences. However, it’s important to know and understand the correct use of a hashtag for your business, otherwise things can get #outofcontrol! Here are a few simple #hashtag faux pas to avoid.

#HashTags on Facebook, Join the Real-Time Conversation

There’s no stopping the #hashtags craze. Just this week Facebook confirmed it will officially roll out the categorization tool, allowing users to #hashtag posts and make those hashtags #clickable.

Decoding Social Media Hashtags

#WhatIsAHashtag? That question is one that’s often raised during the social media training sessions I conduct and I thought it was time to break down the typographical symbol that’s making waves in the social media space. The pound sign (or as us social media geeks call it, a hashtag) has big social media ambitions. Formerly known only to us on our telephone keypads, we are now seeing them scroll across our TV tickers, adhered to the backs of sports jerseys and even playing a large role in the breaking news.