10 Ways to Prepare for a Sudden Disaster

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers 10 tips for businesses to prepare for sudden disaster.

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Don't Take Your Health For Granted - Stylist Gregg Giannillo's Story

Being a celebrity hairdresser doesn’t shield you from medical problems, but Gregg Giannillo found that clients will stand by you in the worst of times.

7 Healthy Ways to Kick Off American Heart Month

February is the time we think about habits that work toward heart health. Here are seven.

Yoga: The Solution to Everything?

Was it right under our noses for 5,000 years?

3 Healthy Holiday Side Dishes

Food is part of the holiday experience. Enjoy! Incorporate these three recipes for side dishes that taste great while being rich in healthful ingredients.

Searching for Advice: Looking for Wellness Info or Inspiration?

Looking online for wellness info or inspiration? Here are some guidelines and hairdresser-specific resources to optimize your experience.

Find Your Fit

To stay motivated and maintain emotional health, how can cosmetologists choose the right career fit for a job among the many opportunities in the beauty industry? Members of the Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council weigh in.

Helper's High: The Benefits of Giving Back

Research shows that giving back benefits the giver in body, spirit and even business.

10 Rules to Live by for a Healthier You

Erin Oprea, former Marine, owner of Oprea Personal Fitness, author of the forthcoming book, The 4x4 Diet, and USANA Fitness Ambassador, shares common sense strategies for incorporating wellness into your everyday.  

6 Pieces of Advice From Your Fellow Stylists on Staying Happy This Holiday Season

Take care of you throughout the season and the New Year. Here's some advice from fellow hairdressers for keeping the holidays happy and easy.