How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

Whether you're a master of this technique or have been trying to figure it out for years, these tips and tricks from Ulta Beauty Design Team member Beto Sanchez will inspire you to pick up a flat iron for your next wavy style.

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Mizani Announces New Artistic Directors and Technical Director

Meet Mizani new Global Artistic Directors Tippi Shorter and Pekela Riley and Technical Director Evie Johnson.

Prepping and Rescuing Textured Hair For Fashion Week

Textured hair on the runway is a growing trend. This season, Mizani offered 150 models "Fashion Week Survival Kits" and #TextureLove prep for NYFW at the VIP Salon at the L’OREAL Headquarters in New York at Hudson Yards.

Mizani USA Introduces the New Texture Squad Pros

The team is a group of professional hairstylists with a specialty in textured hair.

Journey to NAHA: Jamal Edmonds and Evie Johnson

Hear what two Mizani artists had to say about what it takes to get to NAHA.

The Beauty Changes Lives Experience Runway Featured Beauty Excellence and Artistry

The 6th Beauty Changes Lives Experience, held at the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago on Sunday, April 29, 2018 was a tremendous success in support of The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation. 

Beauty Changes Lives Experience NextGen Sneak Peek: Team Mizani

On April 29, Beauty Changes Lives Experience attendees will see Mizani designs that rip away trending beauty topics, exposing that texture – even in its most vulnerable state – always draws on the core value of strength.

Beauty Changes Lives Announces the Beauty Teams Presenting Runway Looks at the 2018 Beauty Changes Lives Experience

Eight leading professional beauty brands showcasing a NEXTGEN team who, along with their mentors, will interpret the theme “EXPOSED” in a runway expression done in hair, makeup and nails.

Mizani USA Introduces the Texture Squad

MIZANI is proud to present a new collective, the Texture Squad, an influencer community that highlights those who share in a genuine love for textured hair, individuality and style.

NYFW Spring/Summer 2018: Olivia Garden and Mizani at Michael Costello

Hair by Cesar DeLeon Ramirez for Mizani and Olivia Garden at Michael Costello.