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Single Mom Hairdressers Offer Advice for Keeping it Together

"I have a sneaky suspicion your attitude to keep going while juggling a career and a home might be the most valuable lesson. By showing your kids that life challenges will happen and can be faced, you provide lifelong encouragement to overcome their own." Hear from some inspiring single mom hairdressers.

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Claim Your Yelp Page NOW

Yes, Instagram is awesome but a Yelp Business Page is also an amazing way to build your business.

Kids in Your Salon Chair: Distraction, Distraction, Distraction

Watching your client go from hair cuts perched on a parent’s knee to seeing them off to college can be rewarding and heartwarming. But it also takes a whole lot of patience when working with children—and knowing the number-one rule.

When Do You Fire a Client?

How many “chances” should you give yourself to please a client?

You’re Ready to Raise Your Prices. Now What?

You worry that raising your prices might cause strain on your clients. They may even leave. But as a businessperson, you really can’t afford not to raise your prices. Here are some smart strategies on how to raise your prices right.

Sebastian Re-Launches Popular Shaper Hair Spray

Sebastian is re-launching both Shaper and Shaper Plus hair spray formulas.

How does your salon guarantee its services?

Modern Salon asked Proview Panel members how they guarantee the results they promise their loyal clients.

Eufora introduces system for naturl-looking curly hair

Eufora is offering salon clients a way to get natural-looking curls and varied hair textures, both of which are hairstyle trends.

How to teach your salon clients to care for their curly hair

How to teach your salon clients to care for their curly hair

Convincing a client to cover their grays

How do you tell your salon client that he or she needs to start coloring their hair to cover their grays? Here are some tips.