HOW-TO: Crushed Velvet Nails by CND

This Crushed Velvet look by CND is perfect for the client who wants elegance plus a 3D feel to her nails.

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HOW-TO: Black Lace by CND on a Manicured Natural Nail

Beautiful nails are everywhere at holiday time, and clients don’t want to be left out! Offer them an elegant and festive mani with this "Black Lace" look by CND.

HOW-TO: Glittery Esmeralda Nails by CND

Ever look outside on a snowy, winter night? That's what these "Esmeralda" nails by CND reminds us of.

Memo Exclusive: An Interview with Jan Arnold of CND

CND Timeline:1990s – Fashion Week: Bare nails were common before 1996, but when CND became involved, one by one, designer by influential designer, nails were adopted as a fashion accessory and nail professionals everywhere were ...

HOW-TO: Radioactive Kryptonite Nails + Steps!

CND’s new fall 2016 Craft Culture collection is all about embracing beauty in raw imperfections, earthy colors and weathered textures."This season, smoky red oranges, deep reds and weathered blues capture the unique character of ...


On Sunday, May 3rd, 2015, CND hosted its fifth “I Heart CND” event at MK Beauty Club in Los Angeles, CA for nail professionals in the LA area. Featuring Summer 2015 trends and nail styles, this event walked nail techs through the ...

5 Manicure Myths: Nail Pros Tell the Truth About Nail Legends

You’ve heard of “Urban Myths,” false stories that get passed along enough times that people come to believe they’re true, if only because they’ve heard them repeated so many times. The same can be true of certain nail and manicure legends. Two nail pros dispel the myths.

HOW TO: Walk on the Wild Side with Purple Leopard Nails

With the popularity of animal prints, what could be a better accessory than purple leopard print nails achieved with a combination of CND bases, colors and top coats.

NAIL HOW TO: Peek-a-Boo Red Nail

Learn how to create this peek-a-boo red nail with silver stripes, black boxes and yep, you guessed it, a slight shade of red hidden in-between.

NAIL HOW TO: Galactic Nails

Learn how to create this glittery gold and silver nail by CND.