How to Avoid Stylist Burnout

Beauty pros have the BEST jobs--making people feel amazing and beautiful all day long? Sign us up. But what about the price bargaining, the impossible expectations, the never-ending DMs, the blurry lines dividing being clocked in and being clocked out? Stylist burnout is a real thing. Here's how to avoid it...

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Is Being a Hairstylist a Low-Stress Job?

Depending on your clientele, salon culture and overall job satisfaction, adjectives used to describe your job as a hairstylist typically fall into the positive category. But would you agree that being a hairstylist is one of the least stressful jobs out there? According to a recent report, hairstylists rank as the second-least stressful job.

8 Subtle Symptoms That Indicate if You're Stressing Out!

Your salon’s busiest six weeks of the year coincide with the most demanding time in your personal life. To stay healthy, practice “thanks-giving.”

Sam DiVine: Stress Relief Through a Salon Membership Model

Offering salon membership helps a salon owner manage service demand while maintaining steady income for herself and her stylists.

Amy Carter: Create Structure for Yourself

Salon business coach Amy Carter details ways to reduce stress from your workday and your life.

10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Sadness and anxiety do not have to be the price you pay to get through your busiest time of the year.

3 Tips to Cut Stress from Housecleaning

Keep your house clean but cut down on housework time with these three tips.

Salon Break: Summertime is Family Vacation Time

Taking time away from the salon this summer to spend time with your family? You may agree with a recent Groupon survey finding that parents believe their kids are 18 times more likely to benefit from an experience than a toy. Don’t follow ...

Lessons from an Astrologer

Like hairdressers, Mitchell Scott Lewis listens to people’s stories and takes on their stress. A professional astrologer who works with a large range of professionals, Lewis has learned to make sure his clients’ stress does not ...

Stress On Your Face

In the beauty industry, the last place you want stress to show is on your face. Not to stress you out more, but that’s exactly where it’s probably showing, according to Dr. Sanam Hafeez,  a neuropsychologist, professor at ...