Top 3 Tips for Achieving a Great Undercut

Undercuts--hidden or ultra-visible--are statements of personality. A bit of flair for the hair and something that puts a smile on a client's face. Here's how to make them great.

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How To: Undercut Style by KMS National Artist Patrick Higgins

To create the illusion of a sleek, short hairstyle, Higgins says to twist the sides to appear as an undercut.

Bobs, Pixies, Disconnection: Precision Hair Cuts Plus Head Sheets

Romanian-based hair cutter Ciprian Vaida shares his education-based cutting content that diagrams his every move—the sections, projection, root movement, cutting angles and contouring.

The Detailing Brush by Colortrak

The Detailing Brush by Colortrak helps to achieve precise painting trends like undercuts, glitter roots, sharp lines, as well as more traditional painting such as balayage and blending.

The Lady Barber: Ashley Holtz Proves That Clippers Are Not Just for Guys

Ashley Holtz is working to prove barbering techniques can and should be used in women’s styles, and why more women should take their place as the artists behind the clippers.

CORRECTION: Great Repair With Cut and CONDITIONER!

This client's hair was fried and dyed to the heavens. Danny McClure (@dannnycuts) of Ian McCabe Studio in Washington DC, talked her into losing the length and starting over.

The Chic Fade: Subtle Differences of Creating an Undercut on a Woman

Dubbed the “chick fade,” women are requesting detached areas undercut right down to the scalp. Andrew Carruthers, director of education for Sam Villa, points out the subtle differences when creating an undercut on a woman.

Formula: Cool, Crisp Blonde

"My client happened to also be my personal trainer, and she is one of my muses and lets me play," says Connor Lange (@connorlangehair), Rapunzel's Hair Design, Stratford, Ontario. "She came in with 1/2" of level 7 ...

Haircolor and Cut Transformation

Just LOVE it when hairdressers break-it-down and share their process. The very talented @colorbykalen brought her client from tame to totally transformed.“She came in with a grown-out pixie, prelightened mids and ends, and about ...

FORMULA: Vivid Color with a Butterfly Undercut

Party in the front, an even bigger party in the back!Presley Poe, Pravana artistic educator says she's a big believer in glitter, which is what inspired her to create this look in conjunction with Vivids. Customized creative color formulas, ...