She Combined Her Love of Beauty and Yoga in Her Own Self-Care Line

This busy entrepreneur wanted to help people find a balanced approach to beauty and wellness.

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Liza Estes: "You Get to a Point Where You Know that Something Has to Change"

Liza Estes improved her health and her life by being true to all of her passions.

Shay Dempsey: Fitness Feeds Creativity

Here's a sneak peek to some exciting news about pairing hair with fitness from EDEN by Eden Sassoon''s Shay Dempsey.

Yoga: The Solution to Everything?

Was it right under our noses for 5,000 years?

Kerry Corp: The Grounded Chic

Meet hairdresser and health coach Kerry Corp, whose advice begins with eating real food and slowing down. What's the rush?

It's a Stretch

Strength, balance and flexibility—is your workout achieving this golden trio? When focusing on cardio and lifting, even health-conscious people may overlook stretching as another essential component of staying agile, extending youthfulness ...

Marco Pelusi: Be a Health Resource

Celebrity hair colorist Marco Pelusi gets around—to all of the right people! The owner of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood, California, Pelusi has been leading his team and even his clients toward healthier practices by pooling ...

Candy Shaw Codner: Spread the Health

There’s something about turning 50 that feels like a wake-up call for reviewing your lifestyle. “When I turned 50, I realized that I was closer to the end than the beginning,” says famed Atlanta stylist Candy Shaw ...

6 Strategies to Reduce Back-to-School Stress

Your salon’s back-to-school promotions with liter sizes and travel kits are probably in full swing. It’s rewarding to help high school and college kids change their look and plan for a year of exciting new experiences. But at home, ...

Renewing Spirits, Awakening Minds: Neroli Salon & Spa Yoga Series

Neroli Salon & Spa, a Milwaukee-area Aveda Lifestyle Salon and spa with five locations, will kick-start its annual Yoga in the Square at Bayshore Town Center on Saturday, June 6, 2015.Neroli Salon & Spa Owner, Susan Haise said the ...