When the fringe provides that perfect face frame

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When the fringe provides that perfect face frame

The secret of the Shag haircut's success is that it’s fantastic in any length and works on fine and thick, curly and straight hair. 

When the Shag first burst on the scene in the 1970s, it was the ultimate look for the freespirits of the time.  Jane Fonda famously wore the cut (created by Paul McGregor) in the film, "Klute."  Even her name--Bree--spoke to the breezy, hard-to-pin-down character of the woman who rocked a Shag.

Today, the look can be sassed up and classed up. Whether it's cut wet or dry, with shears or razors, the Shag brings curls out to play and provide soft frames for faces and features. 

This slideshow features some favorite, shag-a-delic looks. 

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