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Season 4

March 24, 2021

S4E3: Future Proofing - Evie Johnson Shows Us How to Never, EVER Give Up

Evie Johnson, Mizani Technical Educator, talks about being a finalist in the North American Hairdressing Awards, what lead her to be a trichologist, as well as what it means to her to see perseverance and passion pay off.

March 24, 2021

S4E2: Future Proofing - Never Stop Learning If You Want to Grow as a Stylist

Stephen Moody, Education Director - North America for the Wella Company, talks about his approach to hairdressing (he is celebrating 40 years!), his passion for teaching and why he chose to enter a hairdressing competition for the first time during a pandemic.

March 24, 2021

S4E1: Future Proofing - Stylists, Charge What You're Worth

Joy La May of Destroy the Hairdresser talks about ways to change your pricing structure, how to accurately charge for your time, and how it leads to a future-proof career.

Season 3

January 21, 2021

S3E4: Building a Salon Clientele in a Pandemic

Gabie Vossler, stylist. and blonding specialist, joins Choose Beauty to discuss how she prepared a big life move with research and reaching out, the benefits of connecting with local television stations, editors, and websites, and the questions she asks at every interview.

January 21, 2021

S3E3: From Inside a Beauty Company

Missy Peterson, director of global education and artistry at Malibu C, joins Choose Beauty to discuss the things she didn't learn in beauty school but wishes she had, product development and where she looks for inspiration, and how you can connect with a beauty brand that interests you.

January 20, 2021

S3E2: Black Hair, White Hair, Why We Should Care

Roderick Samuels and Lauren Moser, owners of HairLab Detroit Barber School, join Choose Beauty to discuss how they started their careers, the importance of seeking out education, and the challenge of overcoming racism and hair bias.

Special Reports

April 14, 2021

Special Report: Nail Artists, Are You Pricing Your Services Properly?

Listen to Tracy Vinson discuss how to charge accurately for your services, add value to your services, as well as how to build a clientele.

January 18, 2021

Special Report: What Stylists Can Do to Move from Coping to Adapting to Our 2020 Reality

In early spring of this year, we felt panicked. Then we started to slowly figure out how to live and work around COVID-19 concerns. Now, we have more of a sense of the landscape, of what we’re up against, so how do we keep moving forward? How do you stay in the game when you’ve lost clients? And where are there still opportunities for growth for a salon professional?

Season 2

January 16, 2021

S2E5: Hair History with Nicholas French

Nicholas French, world famous stylist, joins the Choose Beauty podcast to talk about his illustrious journey in beauty.

January 14, 2021

S2E4: The Thrifty Cosmetologist with Carlos Valenzuela

Carlos Valenzuela returns to the Choose Beauty podcast to discuss the three things you can do right now to get a handle on your finances.

January 13, 2021

S2E3: Living the Monae Life with Monae Everett

Monae Everett, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, joins the Choose Beauty podcast to discuss the Monae Life Academy, a virtual university for beauty professionals, secrets for becoming an editorial stylist, and the importance of diversity and representation in the beauty industry.

Season 1

January 10, 2021

S1E10: He's a Popular Nobody for Everybody

John Mosley, barber, educator, and influencer, joins the Choose Beauty podcast to discuss his new foundation, The Nobody Way, to support future beauty and fashion professionals, as well as his challenges in the industry as a person of color.

January 9, 2021

S1E9: A Rallying Cry to Bring the Salon Community Together

Sam Villa, co-founder of Sam Villa (Allvus, LLC) joins the Choose Beauty podcast to discuss the Sam Villa and Friends Socialathon, a 12-hour fundraising event to bring the industry together.

January 8, 2021

S1E8: Why Sonya Dove Doesn't Want to Go Back to Normal

Sonya Dove, industry icon, joins the Choose Beauty podcast to share how she thinks she will return to work after the pandemic in a very different way.