Natural Hair Loss Ingredients That Doctors Actually Recommend
Natural Hair Loss Ingredients That Doctors Actually Recommend

When it comes to beauty products, complete transparency is more important than ever to consumers. How products are tested, what ingredients are used and how the product is packaged all weigh into our decision of whether to recommend or personally use hair health products.

And as protective as clients are of their hair, they’re even more concerned when it comes to hair loss. Shampoos, thickeners, styling products, drugs and supplements are available to men and women experiencing thinning hair, but navigating through the many options can be overwhelming for anyone.

This is when clients look to you, their trusted hair care professional, to point them toward products with high-quality, clean ingredients that are proven to work.  

No Drugs, No Nonsense

Instead of thickening products, topical creams filled with harsh chemicals, or generic hair vitamins, stylists now have a new option to offer their clients— nutraceutical supplements from Nutrafol. Physician-formulated with natural ingredients, Nutrafol improves hair growth from within by addressing root causes rather than symptoms. Nutrafol supplements feature ingredients that target hormones, stress, nutrition, metabolism and environment.

Nutrafol offers a multi-targeted approach which truly sets it apart. While many hair supplements focus solely on nutritional benefits, Nutrafol does much more with standardized ingredients that are formulated specifically for the needs of men and women at different life stages. Here’s the ingredient break down:

Nutrafol Men and Nutrafol Women Supplements

Nutrafol supplements are formulated with ingredients clinically proven to improve hair growth and hair quality. Eighty-percent of women saw improved growth, growth rate, and thickness after incorporating Nutrafol into their daily routine after six months. 

Look for these ingredients in Nutrafol’s proprietary Synergen Complex:

• Ashwagandha: Targets stress hormone, cortisol.

• Curcumin: Targets poor cell signaling to balance the growth cycle.

• Collagen: Targets hair nutrition.

• Tocotrienol Complex: Targets oxidative stress and free radicals .

• Saw Palmetto: Targets DHT hormones. (Science shows that men are more likely to be affected by DHT, which is why Nutrafol Men is enhanced with added Saw Palmetto).

“It is important to use a supplement with ingredients in a clinically effective dose so there is no compromise in effectiveness. Many hair supplements on the market are lacking in this area, by choosing to use lesser amounts of ingredients that may not show benefit. Nutrafol contains ingredients in the effective dose found in the medical literature and are proven to improve hair growth and thickness,”  says Dr. Tess Marshall, N.D the Director of Product Development at Nutrafol

Nutrafol Women’s Balance Supplements

This formula is specifically designed for women going through menopause. In addition to the key ingredients mentioned above, Nutrafol Women’s Balance also contains:

• Astaxanthin: This potent antioxidant is clinically shown to reduce oxidative stress markers and promote healthy aging.

• Maca: Targets female hormones; has been shown to naturally tonify and promote adaptation during hormonal changes attributed to menopause (changes in hormones during menopause have been linked to poor hair health and may make females more sensitive to follicle shrinking DHT).

“During menopause, female hormones decline rapidly, leaving women in a state of testosterone dominance. This means they may be more likely to impacted by DHT, the hormone responsible for thinning hair primarily along the crown and middle part of a woman. Nutrafol Women’s Balance is optimized with maca root and adaptogenic botanicals known to support hormonal balance during menopause,” says Dr. Tess Marshall, N.D.

A Natural Path to Growth

Offer your clients an avenue to stronger, healthier hair with natural, high-quality ingredients. From stress to the digestive system, multiple factors can impact hair wellness. Nutrafol supplements not only help improve long-term, hair growth, but also hair quality—and is already recommended by over 1,700 physicians and 250 top salons.

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