Cutting Blunt Bangs
Cutting Blunt BangsSam Villa

Blunt bangs can make a bold statement. However, hold onto your shears because improper technique can lead to chipping or unwanted over direction. Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam Member takes stylists through the steps of achieving the perfect blunt bang. 

“Keep your movements fine and on purpose, be consistent, take your time, and use small sections and guides," he says. 

He's created an easy to follow guide with three different ways to ensure everything goes right for those fearful of making the big cut.

  1. Create reference points on the head to determine where the fringe should be. The corner of the eye references where the front of the head turns into the side of the head. If a comb is placed vertically at that point and rocked to the hairline, it lands just before the high point of the head.  Use that as a part for the section. Repeat on the other side.  Pin section up – all this hair will be the fringe.
  2. Create three guides - pull a couple strands of hair out on each side of the section and one at the bridge of the nose. Cut the guide on each side at the corner of the eye at the desired length and once more in the center – hold with very little tension while cutting.
  3. Take a veil of hair down from the section and lay over the guides.  Place the wide teeth of a Sam Villa Short Cutting Comb, behind the hair from the center to one side, tap hair into the comb (keeps elevation at a minimum) making sure to see the two guides, and cut the hair to connect the two guides.  Repeat on other side. Now the perimeter is secured.
  4. Take another very fine section out from the clipped back hair and repeat step #3. Repeat until the entire clipped back section is cut.

Check out the video tutorial below! 

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