How to Use Extensions to Bulk Up Braids


As wedding season continue in full force, being able to achieve the swoon-worthy looks brides are finding on Pinterest and Instagram can be challenging—especially if their hair is thin or lacking dimension in color.

Great Lengths’ newest offering—GL Tapes tape-in extensions—are the perfect solution for clients seeking color variety or instant thickness. Whether its a full head of extensions or a few for a special occasion, GL Tapes offer clients the ability to achieve their dream hair.

Los Angeles-based artist Stephanie Hodges is a certified Great Lengths extensionist who finds herself  grabbing for the GL Tapes regularly to add depth and dimension to her braided styles.

"I love working with Great Lengths GL Tapes hair extensions," Hodges says. "They add volume and length depending on your guests needs. They are magical and transform anyone into the goddess they’ve always wanted to be."

The tape-ins contain the same high-quality Indian Remy Great Lengths hair found in the premium bonded extension products. Every strand retains its valuable cuticle layer from root to end. The hair quality allows for the GLTapes to be reused multiple times. They can be used as single- or double-tape attachments and, with proper care, can last up to eight weeks.

“Whether I’m looking to get creative with color or head a more traditional manner, Great Length’s GL Tapes offer the exact color result I’m looking for,” Hodges says. “It’s as easy as apply, cut, style and go!”

Here, Hodges demonstrates how she applied a fulls et of 22-inch Great Lengths GL tapes on her model, Katie:

After the extensions were installed, Hodges created a half up romantic style. You can see the clear difference the GL Tapes make in terms of color dimension and thickness:

  1. Begin by lightly waving your client's hair and extensions.
  2. Lightly backcomb her crown area, and spray to create a little volume and texture.
  3. Pull back everything in front of the ears on each side, keeping a good amount of hair out to frame her face. 
  4. Twist each section back toward the center and gather them together to secure with an elastic.
  5. Expand those twists until they are fluffy and textured.
  6. To create the faux braid, divide your section into a top and bottom.
  7. Divide the top section into two, bring the bottom section through the top, and clip out of the way.
  8. From here, secure those two top pieces under that clipped away section with an elastic.
  9. Release the bottom section, and you will now see that it is on top. Repeat these steps.
  10. Divide the new top section into two, pull the bottom section up through the top, and clip away.
  11. Secure those two sections together underneath with an elastic.
  12. Slightly tug at those secured pieces to expand and puff them up. Repeat your steps, expanding them out as you travel down the hair.
  13. Once you reach the bottom, you are done. Make sure the style is expanded to your liking, and lightly spray to set.

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