See which states searched the most for hairstylists in 2022. 

See which states searched the most for hairstylists in 2022.

The team at Deputy, a staff scheduling software for all industries, analyzed the search volume of 50+ professions to map out the most popular trade job (from auto mechanic to radiation therapist to hairstylist) in every state. If you’re interested to see where in the U.S. your hairstyling skills are the most in-demand, here's what the study found:

The States Searching for Stylists the Most

  1.  Connecticut (100/100 search interest). Connecticut was the only state that searched for hairstylists more than any other trade job. There are 981 available positions in the state.
  2.  Massachusetts (94/100). Massachusetts had the second-highest search volume for hairstylists behind Connecticut. Overall, the most popular trade job in Massachusetts was masonry.
  3.  New York (91/100). New Yorkers were searching for hairstylists the third-most. Above hair stylists, New Yorkers' most-searched-for trade job is for painters.
  4.  Florida (90/100). Floridians were behind New Yorkers by a hair (ha ha), searching for hairstylists the fourth most. Florida's first place position went to animal husbandry.
  5.  New Hampshire (88/100). Rounding out our top five, New Hampshire was searching for hairstylists the fifth most. Their most popular trade job overall is a machinist.

It seems that the East Coast, and New England in particular, really love and need their stylists!

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