Watch a Demo of Three Types of Cutting Guides and Their Results

Anne Moratto | April 18, 2017 | 9:48 AM

 There are three types of cutting guides - stationary, traveling and spatial over direction – each one serving a specific purpose.   Andrew Caruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa, demonstrates each guide and the results they yield in this video. 

 “Knowing how and when to use a certain type of cutting guide will dramatically improve your proficiency when cutting,” says Carruthers.

Stationary – When a guide is set and all new sections are over directed to that stationary point.  This builds the most weight.

Traveling – When a piece of the previously cut section is used as the guide for the next section being cut.  This builds minimal weight.

 Spatial Over Direction – Create a spatial object to over direct hair to instead of a point on the head.  Try using an imaginary wall – the shape of the head will create the length, the more the head curves, the more the hair has to reach to the imaginary wall.


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Hair Cutting Hair: Sam Villa ArTeam; Makeup: Nicole Schimel; Fashion Styling: Brittany Hart
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