Curtain Bangs: 14 Ways to Wear 2019's Cool Girl Hair Cut

Alison Alhamed | March 1, 2019 | 7:00 AM
Larisa Love's cool-girl curtain fringe is one of our favorite looks of ALL TIME.
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Spotting @christinakreitel's curtain bang is what sealed the deal for us: curtain bangs are a THING and need to be talked about!
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@pirania_ya out with the dream-worthy 'do.
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@ashleenormanhair's before and after shows the power of a good fringe.
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@jayne_edosalon's multi-angle madness has us drooling.
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@foxyroxhair's short 'do and timeless fringe is a stunner.
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@blisstheartofhair show that, especially when paired with perfect color, a fringe is the perfect topper.
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@customemadehair--this is a keeper.
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@kateshahanadams' icy princess is also a fringe fairy.
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@shantellhairbomb's perfect curtain bang proves there's nothing short-lived about this trend. This one is here to stay!
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Yep, safe to say that if @emilymakesmepretty were close by to the MODERN offices, we'd all be clients.
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Don't get too distracted by the amazing haircolor, this look is all about the curtain bangs by @hairbytorirae.
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@hollygirldoeshair's before and after showcases how a quick snip can transform a client.
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@pirania_ya knows how to frame the eyes AND make color pop with this curtain bang.
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Don't get us wrong, we love/worship/drool over/obsess about a good fringe (AND the unmaintained brows and "eleven" wrinkles you can hide underneath).

But, some fringes can be high-maintenance. In addition to having to be hyper-aware of maintaining that perfect balance, you're one bad trim away from looking like your former elementary school-self, and one needed trim away from having your lashes bounce those bangs around each time you blink. (And If it's too hot, forehead perspiration can add an unwanted wave to a perfectly blunt bang.)

When we spotted two of our long-time favorite hairdressers--Larisa Love and Christina Kreitel--both sporting a fringe that opened up their faces like curtains framing a window, the look was not only modern and trendy but also timeless (and, hello, can't think of any other fringe style that can be worn with a hat and still hold up!).

"Goldie Hawn is a legend and she is the first person who comes to mind when I think of curtain bangs," says educator and MODERN SALON Artist Connective member Emily Buffi. "Since throwbacks are trending hard, it only makes sense Goldie’s style would be on the trend train. Legends never die and either will her bangs."

We know that the curtain bang (or curtain fringe, as it's more professionally referred to) is a trend that not only is going to explode again (it keeps reemerging!), but it's here to stay--so get ready, because your clients will soon be asking for the look.

"This is definitely a trend that is here to stay because it's such a happy medium," says educator and MODERN SALON Artist Connective member Renee Plante. "It's not the full commitment of traditional forehead bangs and they add softness to the face."

Caralee Pridemore says she's loving the look for how wispy and perfectly imperfect they are and, bonus!, curtain bangs emphasize cheekbones, too.

Another Artist Connective member and MODERN BFF stylist Hailey Mahone agrees. "This trend is definitely the best of both worlds," she says. "You can have the cute retro style but still have the ability to pull them away from your face. I also think they are super flattering to almost every face shape! It’s a look that has resurfaced over and over again, and I don’t think it will ever go away."

Here, we showcase some of our favorites we've spotted from around the web.

"They not only split like a curtain, but can be pushed to the side for a different look," says Artist Connective member and colorist Holly Decastri. "Forehead size is also another gem for these! I have guests that hate their forehead, so they opt for the curtain."

Colorist and extensionist Shelley Gregory shares: "With all the bright blondes and styling we do, it can be hard to maintain a strong healthy hairline sometimes. Curtain bangs a great way to keep hair healthy and trimmed while still getting the bright blonde and being able to use heat on your hair daily."

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