Stylists Guide the Way for Olaplex
Stylists Guide the Way for Olaplex

It’s the brand that changed the game. When Olaplex hit the market in 2014 with its bond-building technology, stylists across the globe took notice.

Today, Olaplex holds more than 100 worldwide patents on bond-building technology and an arsenal of products that help repair and strengthen, ensuring healthy, shiny, touchable hair.  

Developed for stylists by stylists, Olaplex continues to be stylist-focused first, with everything the brand brings to market. Olaplex’s education team is exclusively professional stylists, which makes them an exceptional resource to today’s stylist community.

Olaplex Pro App Perks

And now, Olaplex stylists are enjoying the perks of the Olaplex stylist app while engaging and interacting with the Olaplex community with education, blogs and featured images.

Tiffany Cathleen, senior educator, says “Our app offers salon-only access to special  products and pricing, and access to certification at any time. Stylists can go at their own pace, and once certified, stylists are searchable via our stylist locator, which means more clients and more revenue opportunities.”

The Olaplex Pro app also features a return on investment tracker tool, a level finder to determine clients’ natural hair color level, hair health tips and one-on-one assistance from fellow pros.

Olaplex Pro app users can also use one-click access to product purchasing and engaging, interactive education.


Stylists Guide the Way for Olaplex
Stylists Guide the Way for Olaplex

The Dream Team

To continue to create scientifically proven products, grow its global presence and connect with stylists, Olaplex hires the best industry talent. Currently, almost a quarter of Olaplex employees were stylists (licensed cosmetologists) first, and represent almost all areas of the company.

Below, some Olaplex team members share how they use their knowledge as stylists to influence the brand and connect with the salon community globally.

Tiffany Cathleen: Senior Educator

“I oversee Olaplex users on Facebook and will be educating at hair shows this year. I also oversee the Olaplex Pro Artist Awards. Our industry is constantly evolving and changing. By staying in practice as a stylist, I am best able to serve my audience.”

Mark Coates: International Education Manager

“I work with our international pro distributors, retailers and e-com partners, training their teams and training their trainers. I also work with international advocates and ambassadors. I have been a hairdresser for over 25 years, and can relate to the questions asked by the hairdressers our distributors work with, contributing to the authenticity of our brand.”

Josie Anglada Cruz: Educator & Olaplex En Espanol Social Media Manager

“I help professionals and consumers have a better understanding of the brand. I can speak ‘hairdresser’ to pros and I can speak to consumers as my clients at the salon. The experience I gained behind the chair is the one I apply every single day at Olaplex.”

Adrienne De La Cruz: Olaplex Educator/Social Media

“I’ve been using Olaplex since being gifted a travel kit in hair school. Currently, I source all UGC content for all social platforms, engage with artists, and build out our content calendars for the U.S. and global distributors. I strive to ensure everyone who visits our page sees something for them through the representation of all cultures, hair types and lifestyles, reinforcing Olaplex is for all.”

Danielle Frank: Spokesperson and podcast host for Olaplex

“I educate on multiple media venues about the uses of Olaplex for both professionals and retail. I educate consumers on the uses and benefits of our products, and bring awareness to our professional line, direct them to our certified stylists and salons, and get the professional strength product added to their service. As the host of Beauty Uncovered podcast, I speak to experts, industry leaders, and celebrities about beauty, health and wellness, diving deep into the all the aspects of being your best beautiful self.”

April Garcia: Head of Sales, Latin America Manager

“I take care of the needs of our distributors, professionals and consumers in Latin American countries. My 30+ years of experience as a stylist and salon owner helps me identify the needs and strategize to best deliver to both pros and consumers.”

Angela Gregory: Social Media Support

“I help educate people about the Olaplex brand. I still work behind the chair and incorporate Olaplex in my salon, educating my clients on how important it is to have healthy, happy hair. With results so amazing, I have everyone hooked!”

Rose Holt: Manager, Professional Key Accounts

“I work to support our professional distribution partners with educational content and other tools that will inspire. Knowing the hard work and dedication needed to be a successful stylist gives me a unique perspective, allowing me to laser focus on the stylists' needs and develop tools and educational content that’s relevant.”

Jennifer King: Senior Educator

“I started using Olaplex when it first came out and became obsessed with how it changed my salon services. I engaged with Olaplex pro members on social media, and was approached to join the Olaplex Advocate Program for pro stylists. After being an Advocate for about a year, I became an educator, learning all the departments. My role has evolved, and now I help oversee the Advocate Program, which has grown from about 30 U.S. based

Advocates to 153 from around the world.”

Jeanine Leuci: Manager, Retail Education

“Having a stylist background allows me to bridge the gap from salon to at-home care for your hair and gives me the ability to educate our consumers from both perspectives.”

Monica Molina: Senior Educator

“I give international classes to distributors and stylists, and I work in social media and customer service in three languages. With more than 20 years as a stylist and educator, I

understand the needs of both parties—professionals and distributors. I love that Olaplex has elevated my professional career to a place I wanted to go, but did not know how to get there.”

Ramon Montalvo: Associate Manger, Special Projects Global Education

“I organize and oversee special projects in relation to professional education as well as pro hair shows. I have an immense passion for the craft and education of my peers.”

Hannah Moravec: Associate Manager Digital Professional Education

“Creativity and a desire to bring joy to others is what led me to pursue a career behind the chair. I believe that education is paramount to continued success in this career, and being able to support stylists, no matter where they are, is so important!”

Ashley Sahagun: Senior Social Media Manager
“My experience in the professional beauty industry has given me professional and  consumer perpective, while helping run an account with both audiences. Social media is so crucial within the professional stylist community, and knowing the importance of supporting and bringing them together with our beauty enthusiast is essential! I help facilitate the multiple social Olaplex accounts so we continue to grow this platform for our Olaplex lovers.”

Vanessa Schnieder: Director of Social Media

I lead social media strategy across all platforms. My background helps me understand what resonates with stylists, the information they are hungry for and how we can fill education needs.”

Joleen Thicklin: Influencer Coordinator

“Being a stylist in this role gives me vast knowledge of different hair types. Having the educational background in our products helps me find different influencers to work with and promote our brand’s message.

Ty Wood: Public Relations Lead
“I lead the Olaplex public relations department along with the influencer management team. Having a salon background helps me tremendously as I build a working relationship with other professionals on behalf of Olaplex. I also use the communication skills I honed behind the chair to help build our PR department and influencer team.”

Feeling Inspired?

Are you passionate about Olaplex products? Visit AND download the Olaplex app to learn more and become a certified Olaplex stylist. Or ask your authorized Olaplex distributor salon consultant for more information. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Olaplex family.


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