Everyone wishes for fuller and perfect eyebrows – but sometimes it’s just not the case. If your clients come in with thin to no eyebrows, it could be due to a number of reasons. The photo below shows a normal, healthy-looking eyebrow. If your client's eyebrows vary from this look, determine the problem from the advice below.

4 Things Your Eyebrows Might Be Telling You About Your Health

THINNING EYEBROWS: According to a Dr. Oz, the shape and look of eyebrows can determine a lot about someone’s health. For example, thinning eyebrows can be a sign of nutrient deficiency – especially in biotin and iron. Dr. Oz recommends choosing almonds and walnuts for extra biotin and lentils and lima beans for added iron.

4 Things Your Eyebrows Might Be Telling You About Your Health

OVERPLUCKED EYEBROWS: If this is the case, recommend a filling powder that matches the color of your client’s hair color and a wax to keep the hairs intact.

RED, PATCHY EYEBROW: A patchy or scaly appearance can be a sign of eczema – if you notice this look on your clients, recommend the use of a daily moisturizer to clear up redness.

4 Things Your Eyebrows Might Be Telling You About Your Health

HALF EYEBROW: According to Dr. Oz, if your client is missing the outside part of the eyebrow, it means they have a sluggish thyroid. “The thyroid creates hormones that help your eyebrows grow, when your thyroid isn’t working properly, then the hair doesn’t grow,” Dr. Oz says. So what can you do to solve this issue? “Make sure the salt you are ingesting is properly iodized, or add it as a supplement if you think you have a sluggish thyroid.”

4 Things Your Eyebrows Might Be Telling You About Your Health

RECOMMENDATIONS: Besides changing diet, you can also recommend using hair-thickening products that are dedicated to promoting thicker and fuller looking eyebrows. Here's an option:

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