Keune Presents Beyond True Beauty: Lost in Perfection

by Jamie Newman | February 7, 2018

 Keune Haircosmetics calls their day-to-day stylings of real, beautiful hair that draws clients to your salon every day,True Beauty. But the brand wants to push artists a step farther, Beyond True Beauty. 

Keune's new Beyond True Beauty program is dedicated to the extreme, the avant garde and the artistic. It wants you to break out of the mold and embrace your creative moments. Beyond True Beauty is a hair art and video campaign, an awe-inspiring show and a masterclass dedicated to help stylists explore extreme, imaginative looks.

The 2018 edition is titled Lost in Perfection. To bring it to life, Keune assembled a Global Creative Dream Team at its headquarters in Amsterdam.These artists include: Ilham Mestour, Global Creative Artistic Director, Keune
Haircosmetics; George Alderete,Creative Ambassador, Keune Haircosmetics North America; Marriët Gakes, Global Color Director, Keune Haircosmetics; and Roberto Tarla, Creative Director, Keune Haircosmetics Australia and New Zealand. 

“Collaborating with this talented Keune team to expand and explore was the opportunity and gift of a lifetime,” says Alderete. “Influence is all around us—in a room, on a fabric and, of course, in nature. That’s where I see color coming to life. To start your creative process, reach out to those whose work you admire and whom you would like to know because of sheer curiosity. Ask about their creative process. Let yourself go on a journey beyond your wildest expectations—Beyond True Beauty.”

The collection includes six looks: Antique Rose, Spectral Haze, Silver Moth, Angel Wing, Unfurling Cocoon, and Mystic Mermaid. 

The world of Beyond True Beauty will be brought to life during the Keune True Beauty Event 2018 in the Netherlands this April. Owners and Stylists from Keune Loyalty Club Platinum and Titanium Salons will be flown in as VIPs, courtesy of Keune Haircosmetics North America, for education, networking and fun.

Additionally, on August 26, 2018 at the Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta, a special masterclass will take place in to inspire stylists to create their own avant garde looks. Learn from Mestour and Alderete as you explore a space where boundaries don’t exist as you’re inspired to create. To register visit

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