When Love Out Lavender founder Todd Kane’s mother received a cancer diagnosis, he remembered she taught him to believe that love conquers all. Love Out Lavender encourages beauty professionals to create inspiring images used to help City of Hope find a cure for cancer.

The second annual Celebrate the Passion event will be in Arizona on October 20 at the Salon Boutique Arcadia from 6-8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here. Artists from Massachusetts, Florida, Rhode Island and California will be at the event to do models and celebrate with the team; in fact the entire top five fundraising artists will be at this year's event! MODERN spoke with Kane about the organization's journey and goal for the future. 

How has Love Out Lavender expanded since the first year?

We’ve had just 15 fundraisers in 2015, and this year we had 60! We have expanded to have team sponsorships from Matrix matching $10K and Joico matching $5K for their artists. We have created a Love Out Lavender photo shoots in Rhode Island, Arizona and California, which brought resources and artists together. Our following has grown substantially, and we’re connecting with local communities all across the country as stylists incorporate their communities into their events.

In addition to Matrix and Joico, we have added the Salon Boutique franchise in Arizona to our list of supporters and have worked with beauty and art schools around the Phoenix Metro area to bring our celebration to life.  Local artist from art to fashion are collaborating and creating wardrobe and works to auction and raffle to make this year something you won’t want to miss.  This year our show includes a choreographed segment celebrating the ‘Uplifting’ effect the beauty industry has on those affected by cancer and will be a wonderful, inspirational experience to see.

We’re uniting creative people to conquer cancer, whatever your gift — we can help you put it to good use in the fight with City of Hope to find a cure.  

Why is it important now more than ever to get involved? From a brand’s perspective, a salon, or an individual member.

I think we need to emphasize the personal touch of our craft and solidify the relationships with our guests and communities. With social media we have a wonderful opportunity to gain new guests and just as great of an opportunity to lose them. Connecting with our guests and communities with our art and heart sets us apart and simply makes this world a more beautiful place.

What are some of the ways LOL has helped/affected people?

In the big picture we help City of Hope with the science, but from our chairs and events we inspire people to give and doing so heal, honor, encourage, motivate and connect as artists and people with a common enemy: cancer.  A Love Out Lavender event can be life changing. When we come together to share our stories and put our hands and hearts into hair, makeup, wardrobe, photography and countless other aspects, we create magic that moves us closer to a cancer-free world. 

What’s one thing you wish people knew about the organization and the event in October?

What it feels like to be here. To see, hear, feel the love and energy. That everyone has a role and a story and passion to heal and move us to a cure. That so much goes into it, and we do it to inspire you, to move you.  We do it out of love.

What future goals do you/does the organization have?

We want every manufacturer to sponsor a team and match funds to encourage their artists to get involved.  No competition, no hassle, no restrictions - just put your hands and heart into it and be supported for your creativity and passion.  As an industry we connect with nearly everyone - if we all donated there would be little chance for cancer to survive.  

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