Modern Man: Brush Hour

by Lauren Quick | June 23, 2015 |
The new Bolero brush line for men from Spornette.
The new Bolero brush line for men from Spornette.

New men’s brushes from Spornette focus on polishing your male clients’ hair.

Four brushes specifically designed for men join Spornette’s expansive lineup. The Bolero styling brushes are eco-friendly and have various designs for the hair and face.


Men are becoming more particular in what they want out of a cut and style, and as MODERN blogger and ClipperGuy Ivan Zoot points out, classic barbering and tools are a key trend in the business of men’s hair right now.


“There are four key elements of style driving men’s haircut trends,” Zoot says. “Longer top length, tight sides, elements of classic barbering and elements of disconnected structure.”


Zoot notes that tools and trends likely both impact each other. New tools and tech allows stylists to stretch the boundaries of style, and trends force stylists to adapt tools and techniques.


Educator and men’s grooming expert Deanna Whiteside, senior stylist at HALO, a Chicago salon exclusively for men, explains that attention to detail is key in this rebirth of classic barbering—not only in cut but also in styling.


“While product is of utmost importance, tools, such as brushes and hair dryers, are essential for creating these classic styles,” Whiteside says. “Brushes are being used by men now more than ever for creating volume and movement and for straightening and longevity. Brushes give men the ability to recreate the style their stylist created.”


Take note, stylists—this is a great opportunity for retailing!


The Bolero collection includes Boar Beard & Moustache Facial Hair Brush, Boar Styler Hair Brush, Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush and Nylon Bristle Styler Hair Brush.


Whiteside emphasizes the importance of choosing a brush that suits the look you and your client want to achieve; a vent brush with a blowdryer makes for great volume in a pompadour. For undercuts, boar bristle brushes create sleekness and control.


“A solid cut, product use, styling education and the proper tools are vital in achieving the modern man’s hairstyle,” Whiteside says.


A portion of proceeds from the Bolero collection goes to the fight against prostate cancer. Visit


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