Josh DeMarco @hairdemarco

Josh DeMarco @hairdemarco

Josh DeMarco @hairdemarco

Josh DeMarco @hairdemarco is best known for precision and men’s haircutting. One of his hidden talents is photography, which certainly comes in handy in our visual world. His most viewed post was a video of a very specific haircut that earned more than 25,000,000 views. “The cut was very polarizing, as most extreme cuts would be, therefore lots of opinions were expressed.”

Josh DeMarco


DAPR Grooming Parlour, Philadelphia

Specialty: Precision and men’s haircutting

Top-performing post: The most viewed was when I had a haircutting video go viral of a very specific hair cut that earned more than 25,000,000 views. It was everywhere and made it to multiple sites. The cut was very polarizing, as most extreme cuts would be, therefore lots of opinions were expressed.

Favorite app: Light Room, Apple Photo Editor, Pro Shot. I am a firm believer that a great picture is essential to showcasing your work. Photos alone can’t always capture everything the same way as they are seen in real life so, editing and color correcting can be really helpful to showing an accurate depiction.

I follow: @hairmoody, @the_bloody_butcher, @kevinluchmun, @lyndalsolmon, @richardashforth

Josh DeMarco @hairdemarco

Josh DeMarco @hairdemarco

Josh DeMarco @hairdemarco

Pro tip: To get the best results you need to start off with a great photo that has something different and unique to it. For hair specifically, you need a clean background, good lighting and have it well framed. You can be creative with your angles. Use relevant hashtags to what you are posting. Some of my favorites are: #handsonhaircraft, #mizutanialliance, #mizutani, #nophotoshop, #beautyfirst, #handcrafted, #haircutting, #haircutter, #hairstylist, #hairstylists

Hidden talent: I am well known for hair cutting, but I really love doing color and have a large balayage clientele. I just tend to post more haircutting videos and images.

Fun fact: I love snowboarding and photography. When I’m not doing hair, I’m always taking photos and riding when I get the chance.

My audience follows me because: I take my craft very seriously, and I am passionate about sharing education. I feel like this is well reflected in my social feed and that is why I have an engaged following. I also try my best to answer questions and interact with people too, which I hope is valuable for them.

How social media changed my life: It has changed my life in an immense way. It has given me an audience and opportunities that would have never been afforded to me otherwise. It has connected me with people and brands all over the world. It has also been a platform for growth and inspiration. I believe it is an exciting time to be in the industry. Social media is a game changer that can pave the way to a career you may have never had access to 20 years ago.

My first @modernsalon feature: I believe it was for my model for Wella Trend Vision. It was a short denim and sky-blue textured crop on a female model. It is still one of my favorite photos to this day. I was so excited and proud and grateful. It was a big moment for me to have one of the largest hair publications notice my work.

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