Adding texture is one way to modernize a blunt cut, but sometimes stylists are stumped when it comes to adding movement within the design. Creating texture in multiple ways with multiple tools is important. The tool and technique used depends on the desired result, as each one will impact the shape and movement differently. 


“When you have a heavy perimeter, try point cutting or slide cutting to texturize your way to a sweeter result,” says Jesse LinaresSam Villa ArTeam Member.

Watch as Linares demonstrates 4 ways to add texture to blunt cuts, using a Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear for a subtle effect and a Sam Villa Artist Series 6" Slide Cutting Shear for more movement.


Point Cutting

Point Cutting is used to remove bulk at just the ends of the hair to create soft texture or build graduation for blending more seamlessly.

  1. When using a slide cutting shear to point cut, following the grain of the hair will create less of a statement versus approaching with a more dramatic angle which will result in a chunkier effect.
  2. Using a blending shear is great for a more subtle effect because it doesn’t take a lot of hair out at once.  It allows the shear blades to get deeper into the section and slide straight out making point cutting really fun and easy to do.

Slide Cutting

Slide Cutting requires working from the interior of the hair out and allows for more strategic and accurate design of debulking.

  1. Changing the angle of a slide cutting shear gives more pronouncement to the technique and following the grain of the hair will yield subtle results.
  2. Using a blending shear will make a less powerful statement, while the entry angle of the shear relative to the grain of the hair still matters.



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