The Sexy Hair team of artists and educators

The Sexy Hair team of artists and educators

On National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, we appreciate every salon artist who creates art with hair and does it with love and care.

We asked these Sexy Hair artists, educators, and ambassadors to tell us: What do you love about being a hairstylist?  

I love getting to be creative and making my clients feel beautiful!! 💞—Dawn Atkinson

I love the look on my client's faces when they love their hair. It's so touching & honoring when they instantly want to jump up & hug you!—Kristen Lenz

I love the work the hustle the instant gratification. The transformation that a simple movement of a cut can make. How a color can ignite the color of a client’s eyes. And the smile a client has after a session of hair manipulation and conversation. —Lonn Bogart Jr

Making people feel great about themselves—Jennifer Knechtel Neese

I love making people feel their best makes me happy to see others happy and feeling beautiful and sexy! 💞-Kaci Hutchison

I love to be able to touch their lives, not just their hair. Being with them through the ups and downs and being able to just let them relax for awhile. - Cynthia Freeman

I love being able to build relationships with clients and celebrate all their life’s milestones with them ♥️ —Jennifer Evans

I love the look on my client’s face when they love their hair. When you get a phone call and your client is just beyond happy with how their hair looks and the compliments they get!!Clients that have become family and look forward to spending 2 hour with you to catch up! Celebrating accomplishments they’ve made and life’s journey because they love the environment you’ve created for them in your salon. I’m blessed to be a Hairstylist! 🤩❤️—Lelia Baca

I love the contact with people and making them feel their best! Seeing their faces when we have finished our craft is truly rewarding. 💜 Changing the world one head at a time! 💖✨—Chelsea Christina Bratko

I love the bond we build. No matter what differences we may have we have one common goal. Getting them to look their best. It's never just hair. You are shaping how they will feel for weeks on end. Some of my greatest friendships started with hair.—Nellie O. Valdivia

I love the ability to make someone look in the mirror and see themselves as someone that is beautiful, confident and matters to those around them. For them to see what everyone else admires about them inside and out. —Sharon Renee Elliott

The connection and the creativity. Both are my therapy. -Tiffany Farris-Massey

I love that with making my clients feel good , they are making me feel good in return. I love that we work in an industry that is such a great community & that we can all always be unapologetically ourselves and it's accepted. And that no matter how crazy an idea you have, you have a million people supporting you 💕—Katrina Cahill

I love making a difference with a touch ,inspiring them, giving them confidence, making them feel beautiful. Giving them reasons to fall in love for who they are inside and out. What I love most is what " We" can do in 45mins to an hour can take them a lifetime to figure out.—Margaret McClellan

I love connecting with my clients while making them look and feel their best.--Shayla Robertson

I absolutely love having the ability to change someone’s self-perception and building a relationship at the same time! The look of pure satisfaction when they see their hair finished is so fulfilling. —Melanie Murray

What other profession is there where I get to go to work, tell stories, listen to stories, make people feel good,  make them look beautiful and have fun doing it! And get paid for it all. I call that a win-win!-Dawn Mounts


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