Borboleta Beauty, a brand known for its lash obsessed cult following, is addressing one overlooked ritual in mainstream beauty: Lash Care. Borboleta recently launched a lash care routine meant to benefit skin while cleansing and enhancing natural lashes, the hero of which is an ophthalmologist tested and approved Lash Serum that helps enhance and nourish eyelashes in as early as four weeks.

“We’re thrilled to launch Borboleta into the consumer market for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is for everyone to have a lash awakening and to love their own lashes,” said Borboleta founder Kimber Jaynes. “Whether you're lash obsessed or new to the lash craze, we created a lash care collection to help you treat your lashes right–everyday.” 

Get to Know Borboleta’s New Beauty Category: Lash Care
Get to Know Borboleta’s New Beauty Category: Lash Care

Borboleta’s new lash care routine elevates eyes in three easy steps:

Step 1: Breakdown Oil-Free Makeup Remover

The Borboleta Breakdown Makeup Remover’s light texture emulsifies on contact to help dissolve makeup, while nourishing ingredients like coconut derived fatty acids and plant-based betaine soothe, moisturize and hydrate lids and lashes. This makeup remover is amazing for natural lashes and is also lash extension safe. Pair with the Clean Swoop Brush!

Step 2: Lash Bath Cleanser (Foam or Gel)

The Borboleta Lash Bath Cleanser comes in both a balmy gel and bubbly foam to suit all texture preferences. Key ingredients include snow mushroom derived hyaluronic acid to bind moisture to lids and lashes, and a coconut derived amino acid-based surfactant to gently cleanse. These ingredients are formulated to replenish and hydrate the skin around the eye for more youthful looking skin, while strengthening and conditioning natural lashes. 

Step 3: Lash Serum

Formulated by experts in the industry, just one swipe of this serum each night makes lashes look longer, thicker and darker in as little as four weeks with maximum results at eight weeks. The Borboleta Lash Serum’s nourishing formula works wonders on natural lashes, yet it's totally lash extension safe. Key ingredients include biotin, keratin and peptides for stronger lashes, plant-based stem cells for healthier lashes and pumpkin seed extract for a more voluminous look, thanks to fatty and amino acids. Borboleta Lash Serum is cruelty free, fragrance free, clinically tested, ophthalmologist tested, and approved and proudly made in the U.S.

Get to Know Borboleta’s New Beauty Category: Lash Care
Get to Know Borboleta’s New Beauty Category: Lash Care

But Borboleta didn’t stop there. Take a routine to the next level with these extra goodies to create a full spa-like experience for your guests:

Clean Swoop Brush with Drying Stand

The Borboleta Clean Swoop Brush features a curved shape that hugs the lash line and swoops over lashes, while tapered bristles gently help remove all traces of makeup and mascara when used with Breakdown Makeup Remover. You can also use this with Lash Bath Cleanser to remove unseen residue and debris and infuse lashes and lids with a moisture boost. This brush snaps into a custom drying stand to keep it off unclean surfaces when not in use. 

Cooldown Calming Eye Masks

Client needs a quick boost? Cooldown Calming Eye Masks instantly calm, chill and refresh tired eyes on contact. Designed to be used after lash treatments, the gel formula soothes, depuffs and diminishes the appearance of dark circles. Caffeine firms and boosts circulation, while kelp extract moisturizes and heals. Cooling hydrogel creates a seal to penetrate skin, and the anti-slip design won't budge. 

Fluff Up Lash Wand

The Fluff Up Reusable Lash Wand is your back-pocket secret weapon for touch-ups and flawless lashes. The eye-hugging, hourglass shape combs through each lash from root to tip to keep natural lashes or extensions fluffy, separated and perfectly positioned. Specially designed to use with extensions, but also perfect for natural lashes, the custom bristle mix gently detangles and removes shedding lashes for a gorgeous look. And this stash-friendly essential stays safely protected with a cap that keeps the brush clean and doubles as a handle for easy, on-the-go use.   

“We wanted to make lash care an experience not a chore. We’ve always stressed the importance of natural lash care. I know that you’re going to be obsessed with your lashes, welcome to our world.” said Kimber. 

Borboleta is here for all lashes, whether naked, a flick of mascara, or expertly enhanced. Utterly lash obsessed, they are committed to safe, effective results, because Borboleta believes everyone deserves their dream lashes.  

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