Two Looks: Whimsical Texture and Rose Gold & Violet Dimensional Color - Get the Formulas!

Lauren Salapatek | May 11, 2015 | 11:56 PM
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The "Hothouse Flowers" Spring/Summer 2015 Collection by Athena Salon & Spa in Tallahassee, Florida, features two different models: one with flowy waves and dimensional haircolor (Hannah Power) and the other featuring whimsical, tight curls (Jackie Weinell).

Model Hannah's hair (with the rose gold and violet) was first pre-lightened to a pale yellow. After consulting with David Adams at redCHOCOLATE, Haircolorist Mary Rolling used a collaborative formula to achieve the desired rose gold color. Hannah's hair was cut into flowing concave layers which highlighted her dimensional color.

Long round layers and a free-hand curl cutting technique created a halo of curls around Jackie’s face (model with tight curls). Perm rods and spiral perm rods enhanced her natural curl. Jackie's hair was styled and prepped with Be Curly’s Style Prep and Curl Control, then was worked to create soft curls and waves, giving the hair an ethereal effect. Aveda's Volumizing Tonic and Air Control were used to create the finished look.

"Hothouse Flowers”

"She's the kinda girl you have to give space. A real hothouse flower. Turn the heat on her too much and she's outta there.”

Haircolor Formulas:


1 scoop Enlightener powder lightener – 30g Crème booster – 60ml 20 volume color catalyst

30g Aveda Universal 0N - 15g 10N Deposit only Color Treatment - 1.5g Dark Red/Violet Deposit-only Color Treatment and 1g Light Orange/Red Deposit-only Color Treatment – 45ml Crème Deposit only Color Treatment.


20g Aveda Full Spectrum Deep Light Orange/Yellow

20 ml 10 Volume Color Catalyst.


In keeping with the season, the goal was to go lighter with the makeup, creating a Spring-inspired airiness with a slight pop of color. Makeup artists Millie Norman and Sarah Millar used Aveda’s Spring 2015 Rare Bloom Collection and highlighting techniques to increase light play along cheek and brow bones, drawing emphasis to each model's pale blue eyes.

Haircut: Natalie Papienski
Haircolor: Mary Rolling
Hairstyle: Sarah Millar
Makeup: Sarah Millar and Millie Norman
Photography: Wayne Denmark
Models: Jackie Weinell and Hannah Power

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