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BREAKING NEWS: California Assembly Business and Professions Committee Votes NO on Senate Bill 999

Lauren Salapatek | June 26, 2018 | 1:41 PM
Protesting against the bill today, stylists and salon owners led the charge in Sacramento at a hearing opposing Senate Bill 999.

California assembly business and professions committee votes NO on Senate Bill (SB) 999! Beauty service will remain regulated in California.

The state bill would have allowed anyone working in a salon or barbershop to wash, condition, blow dry, or style hair without a license in the state of California.

Protesting against the bill today, the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) led the charge in Sacramento at a hearing opposing Senate Bill 999. PBA and PBA advocates joined together and stood strong as they represented licensed beauty professionals throughout the state of California.

"PBA, a national trade association representing manufacturers, distributors, salon business owners, and stylists, does not support SB 999. According to small business owners in the California salon industry, trained and educated employees are key to their overall success. Stylists are seeking long-term stability within the professional beauty industry that includes a living wage, paid benefits, mentorship and training with the potential for continued growth. SB 999 does not support long-term growth and a sustainable career path with greater earning potential,” says PBA’s Executive Director Steve Sleeper.

Lead by PBA’s Government Affairs Manager Bridget Sharpe, with support from PBA’s lobbyist Mike Belote, the team collaborated with salon owners, stylists, schools, and leading beauty industry companies to come together against removing regulations to provide beauty services.

For more information about Senate Bill 999 read here.



Originally posted on Salon Today.

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