On providing value:

“When the color is processing, what are you doing? Are you in the...

On providing value:

When the color is processing, what are you doing? Are you in the breakroom? There is no value in the breakroom. Instead, I would sit with my client, and use a mannequin to illustrate how to cover up the elastic on a ponytail. You are creating a visual experience, you’re showing genuine concern, and you are improving that relationship with your client.”--Sam Villa

With a legacy of innovation spanning over 60 years, Redken introduces new science-inspired haircare packaging. Acknowledging the expertise of the hair professional, a new prescriptive label features clear navigation for all hair types and concerns; and a clear front-of-pack formula break-down highlighting key ingredients and the percentage of total effective ingredients, all packaged in a scientific beaker inspired shape.

In addition to this at-a-glance update, shampoo and conditioner packaging now incorporates Braille on back-of-pack for those that are visually impaired.  With these packaging design enhancements, salon professionals will find it easier than ever to recommend the right haircare for their clients.

Prescription for Beautiful Hair

In tandem with news of this high-powered portfolio renovation, Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa, always the hairdresser’s greatest advocate, is encouraging stylists to seize the day—and the sale.

“Some people say, Sam, I don’t retail, I’m an artist,” says Villa, “but it’s part of your professional responsibility to be of value to your client and to show them their options. At Redken we want to ignite people, inspire them to see what retail means, and with this haircare renovation, we are emphasizing that simplicity is today’s brilliance. We are making it simple for the hairdresser to prescribe products to their guest to use at home.”

A Redken first will be the introduction of a salon-only retail size bottle of 16.9 oz.  Villa explains the thinking behind this measurement.

“This is a professional-only exclusive size and something that has never been done before," he says. "There is more profit in this bottle because there is 67% more product; it gives salons and stylists a competitive retailing edge. It was created knowing that some clients are extending their appointments, so here is a larger, take-home size of the product they need. Again, simplicity, savings, and value.”

Also sustainability, a big part of this haircare renovation. The range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are packaged in new Cradle To Cradle-certified packaging that’s comprised of 93% - 100% recycled plastic (excluding caps).

“Redken said it’s time to have a brand-new look,” says Villa. “Think about renovation; it is changes to the exterior, to the packaging, but the formulas are not changing. And with the Braille on the packaging, it is serving a need. There is even a call out that indicates the percentage of the main ingredient.  When a client wants to know what in this product gives them volume, the hairdresser can answer that question. We always want to help people get what they need."

New Look, Same Performance

Seize the Sale: Sam Villa on the Simplicity of Retailing
Seize the Sale: Sam Villa on the Simplicity of Retailing

Each customized formula is based on the three key principles of healthy hair, which are:

  1. Protein technology (as hair is composed primarily of protein)
  2. A balanced pH to complement the natural acidity of the hair (pH of 4.5-5.5)
  3. Products developed and rigorously tested with licensed professional stylists

Curly, straight or wavy. Dry, oily or the combination. Blonde or brunette. Redken has extensively studied the composition of all hair types and textures to create prescriptive solutions that work for every client. 

The following collections will be available in the new packaging:

  • NEW Acidic Bonding Concentrate                            -  Extreme
  • All Soft                                                                        -  Extreme Length
  • All Soft Mega                                                              -  Frizz Dismiss
  • Color Extend Magnetics                                             -  Color Extend Blondage
  • Color Extend (US Only)                                              -  Color Extend Brownlights
  • NEW Volume Injection                                                       -  Color Extend Graydiant
  • Extreme Bleach Recovery

To learn more, visit Redken.com

Seize the Sale: Sam Villa on the Simplicity of Retailing
Seize the Sale: Sam Villa on the Simplicity of Retailing




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