Introducing Jupiter, New Luxe Dandruff Line
Introducing Jupiter, New Luxe Dandruff Line

Jupiter is a new dermatologist-tested luxe scalp and haircare brand attempting to destigmatize the conversation around dandruff and refocus it on scalp health.

Two of Jupiter’s founders, Robbie Salter and Ross Goodhart, both grew up dealing with dandruff, feeling ashamed talking about it and struggling to find quality products that actually worked. They decided to create Jupiter to be a scalp care brand focused on normalizing the conversation around dandruff and scalp health, so their customers don’t need to “give a flake.”

 They recognized a massive gap in the industry for a modern treatment containing higher-quality and luxe ingredients that could also speak directly to their customers, offering education and support about how to eliminate flakes. After tremendous success since launch, Jupiter is now expanding beyond just dandruff treatment, moving into general scalp care as the scalp is the root of hair care and health.

Jupiter has recently expanded into Bergdorf Goodman’s Men’s Self Care Shop in NYC and online as well.

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