<p>Brought to You by Sola Salons</p>

Brought to You by Sola Salons

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<p>Brought to You by Sola Salons</p>

Brought to You by Sola Salons


Learn about the potential pros and cons of running your own independent business, all before you ever make the leap!

In this complete video series from Portfolio by MODERN SALON:

  • Hear what it takes to become an independent salon professional from industry-leading experts who’ve already stepped out on their own
  • Be better equipped to make the decisions necessary for becoming an independent stylist
  • Candid thoughts, personal experiences, and invaluable insights from the industry’s most in-demand artists, stylists, and beauty professionals

This video series is perfect for: 

  • Stylists looking to go independent
  • First-time salon owners
  • Recent beauty school grads

Chapter 1: Jumping Into the Unknown

In this episode:

  • Learn from those who just recently went independent, as well as those who have been doing it for years, what it’s REALLY like to take the leap to becoming an independent salon professional

Chapter 2: The Money Myth

In this episode:

  • Learn whether going independent may open up more financial opportunities for you or not

Chapter 3: Surround Yourself with Greatness

In this episode:

  • Learn about the importance of finding mentors and building a support network as an independent

Chapter 4: Choices, Choices, Choices

In this episode:

  • Learn about the various types of working opportunities that are available to you as an independent

Chapter 5: Setting Up Shop

In this episode:

  • Learn how to set up a work environment that it is conducive to both your comfort and your clients’, but won’t break the bank

Chapter 6: Getting Down to Business

In this episode:

  • Learn what the most important priorities and pitfalls are in running your business as an independent

Chapter 7: Differing Opinions on Retail

In this episode:

  • Learn whether selling retail or using affiliate links could be best option for you in generating additional revenue streams

Chapter 8: How You Use Technology Is Up to You

In this episode:

  • Learn about the importance of technology in your business in everything from booking to bookkeeping

Chapter 9: Making a Name Through Marketing

In this episode:

  • Learn how others use social media and traditional marketing to make a name for themselves as independents and keep revenue coming in

Chapter 10: It Won't Be Easy, But It WILL Be Worth It

In this episode:

  • Learn why all of the excitement and sacrifice related to becoming an independent is worth it for so many people

Chapter 11: Growth and Expiration

In this episode:

  • Learn how to start thinking about life beyond the chair and get advice on securing your future as an independent

Meet Your Course Instructors:

Cyd Charisse

Coach Cyd Charisse has been coaching industry leaders for the past 13+ years. She is the co-creator of Destroy The Hairdresser and focuses on empowering salon owners to build stability, structure and strategy. She focuses on building strong brands, empathetic leadership skills, and transforms the financial futures of the salons she coaches. As a life and career coach, Cyd has enhanced the personal lives and paychecks of those she has worked with through one on one education. Cyd is also a blonding Specialist in New York City and has completely built her business through social media marketing.

TikTok: @cyd_charisse
Visit Cyd’s Facebook Page

Pinky Dillon

Pinky has been a celebrity stylist for 20 years. Experienced in many aspects of the beauty industry, she has had success with education seminars, as a platform artist, and on set with numerous performers. She has been a set stylist and extension specialist for over 11 years.
A stylist to the stars in everything from to TV to movies, and from fashion runways to music videos, Pinky prides herself in her students’ achievements, helping them to grow as professionals within the entertainment industry, always giving back and trying to change peoples’ lives one hair strand at a time.

Instagram: @hellopinkyhair

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson is a Chicago-area Master hair stylist who has been licensed for 10 years. She began work as an assistant at a salon at the age of 16 and fell in love with the beauty industry. She specializes in blonde hair, extensions, and balayage. After years of working for others, she just recently went independent and she can’t wait to see what the future holds for her business.



Instagram: @kellylynnhair

Patricia Nowakowski

In the last two decades, Patricia has built a lucrative brand and gained extensive knowledge in business leadership. Patricia owns a successful eight chair commission salon and six salon suites. She is a skilled course creator and has helped stylists across the United States and Canada work less and make more behind the chair.
Patricia specializes in leadership, marketing, and recreating salon culture. When working with Patricia, you can expect to walk away with a solid understanding of taking your business and team to the next level and a plan to get you there.

Instagram: @patricia_opulentbeautysalon

Michele Pelafas

Michele Pelafas, principal and founder of Michele Pelafas Inc., has over 16 years of experience in the spa, beauty, and medical spa industry with hundreds of projects in her portfolio including award winning designs. She is an educator and expert in the design field, a frequent speaker at industry trade shows, and featured in industry trade publications. Michele's company embodies her personal style and passion which is inspired by her love for fashion, travel, and trends. However, her greatest passion is creating value and meaning in the smallest of details that make a difference in people’s lives through her designs and the interior environment.

Instagram: @michelepelafas
Visit Michele’s Facebook Page

Elyse Rox

Elyse has been a professional hair stylist and colorist since 1992. Her artistic vision, in-depth industry knowledge, and impeccable eye for the latest trends allow Elyse to provide her clients with styles, and color that not only suit their personal tastes, but keep their hair healthy and looking fantastic. Elyse prides herself on her natural ability to find a style that suites each person and/or event. Ranging from contemporary to classic to outlandish and wild to reserved and conservative, every style Elyse creates is done with both flair and professionalism.

Instagram: @elyserox00
TikToK: @elyserox
Visit Rockit Studio’s Facebook Page

Ivan Zoot

Ivan Zoot is President and CEO of Zootcuts Inc., and a trainer, coach, mentor, and educator with 30+ years of presentation experience. He also founded Zootcuts Family Hair Center in Chicago, IL, where more than 300 haircuts are given every day.
Ivan holds patents for unique beauty tools and haircutting techniques and systems, and is the creator of the ClipperGuy hair care product line, licensed to John Amico professional hair care.
Ivan also holds three Guinness World haircutting records for world’s fastest haircut, most haircuts in one hour, and most haircuts in 24 hours. 

Instagram: @ivanzoot
Twitter: @ivanzoot
Visit Ivan’s Facebook Page

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