Decades ago, René Furterer developed a method of scalp treatments and massages that would revolutionize hair care.

Today, his legacy continues as his namesake brand continues to produce premium plant-based hair care products that deliver results for men and women struggling with thinning hair.

Triphasic Shampoo and Conditioner, Progressive and Reactional Serums, and Vitalfan Dietary...

Triphasic Shampoo and Conditioner, Progressive and Reactional Serums, and Vitalfan Dietary Supplments

 Scalp First

Consumers spend millions of dollars in hair care every year, but they often overlook their scalp, which directly affects the health of their hair.

“René Furterer realized beautiful hair grows from a scalp that’s healthy—like a plant in fertile soil,” says Chuck Hezekiah, education and event manager at René Furterer. 

“We spend so much money on the hair itself, but we’re ignoring the source of where the hair is growing,” he adds.

Since March 2020, the entire world has experienced more stress and fatigue than ever. And with stress comes physical changes. For some it’s weight gain, lack of sleep or acne breakouts. For others it’s hair loss.

“Stress or a change in routine can change how hair grows,” Hezekiah says. “Regular cleansing of the scalp is key, so it doesn’t get clogged with excess sebum.”

Unfortunately, shampooing alone does not cleanse deep enough to rid the scalp of build up from styling products, sebum, pollution and sweat. Over time, this build up can clog hair follicles, causing irritation, and may eventually lead to hair loss.

René Furterer has a wide variety of drug-free products to promote scalp health and hair growth, but for those who are struggling with thinning hair, there are two recommended regimens: Triphasic Reactional and Triphasic Progressive. 

 Triphasic Reactional 

Before and after using Rene Furterer Triphasic Reactional Serum

Before and after using Rene Furterer Triphasic Reactional Serum

For women and men who experience sudden, temporary hair thinning caused by stress, dietary imbalance, postpartum hair loss or other factors, Triphasic Reactional Concentrated Serum helps encourage stronger, healthier-looking hair by maximizing the scalp’s nutrient intake, creating an optimal environment for the hair.

So how do you know if your client’s thinning hair is “reactional?” 

“One of the first things I ask a client is when they noticed their thinning hair,” Hezekiah says. “If they tell you it is happening fast (in the last six months), it tends to be reactional.”

He adds, “Reactional is cause and effect. Some trigger causes hair loss, and two to three months later, you notice rapid fall out. It could be after you have a baby, after an illness, an operation or an accident. Once it starts, it generally continues for about three months.”

Amanda Boyd, stylist at Oak Street Hair Group in Birmingham, Alabama, says she always asks her clients if they’ve recently undergone any surgery with anesthesia, had a change in diet or medication, experienced sudden stress/hormonal changes, or if they’ve had Covid.

“If any of these questions are answered with a 'yes,’ I recommend Triphasic Reactional,” she says. 

Infused with natural key ingredients, the drug-free Triphasic Reactional regimen includes: shampoo, conditioner and serum for clients with temporary hair loss. To complete the regimen, you can also offer clients Vitalfan Reactional Dietary Supplement, a daily supplement that helps address thinning hair. 

The Triphasic Reactional serum is potent and helps preserve the scalp’s natural balance, stimulates the anagen phase of hair growth and strengthens strands. Clients apply serum once a week for three months.  

“So hair will grow faster, longer and stronger with Triphasic Reactional,” Hezekiah says.

Triphasic Progressive

Before and after using Rene Furterer Triphasic Progressive Serum

Before and after using Rene Furterer Triphasic Progressive Serum

When clients communicate a slow and steady hair loss that has been going on more than six months, it’s most likely long-term, progressive hair loss.

“This type of hair loss has much more to do with your DNA, and is often hereditary,” Hezekiah says. “As you age, things slow down and skin and hair change. After time, hereditary hair loss comes in, but it can take a while for it to show up.”

Boyd adds, “If a client is experiencing typical female or male-pattern baldness or has communicated a family history of hair loss, I recommend Triphasic Progressive.”

René Furterer’s Triphasic Progressive drug-free serum helps preserve existing hair while redensifying existing thin, sparse hair.

“It replumps and reenergizes weakened, dying hair,” Hezekiah says. “It makes existing hair denser and energizes the hair that is getting weaker.”

The Triphasic Progressive serum does not grow new hair—it maintains and thickens what you have. Like Reactional, the regime for Progessive starts with the Triphasic shampoo and conditioner and can be enhanced with Vitalfan Progressive Dietary Supplement. Clients should apply the Progressive serum twice a week the first month and once a week thereafter. 

“The sooner you catch it and treat it, the more effective it is—just like wrinkles,” he says. 

 Make it a Regimen, See Results 

Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate

Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate

Before using Triphasic Progressive or Reactional, clients should pre-treat with Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate.

This pre-shampoo concentrate is formulated to deeply cleanse and purify the scalp to restore balance.

“It’s antibacterial, antifungal, and creates a happy environment to grow healthy hair,” Hezekiah says. 

With the correctly prescribed regimen, clients have the power to stop the progress of their thinning hair.  

“I educate my clientele and show them testimonials before they commit,” Boyd says. “These treatments are an investment in you to improve your scalp health and encourage beautiful hair growth.”

She adds, “I compare scalp health to a daily skincare routine. We typically spend money and time taking care of our face, neck and hands—looking at our scalp through the same lens is key. Healthy hair comes with having a healthy scalp.” 

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