Andrew Carruthers

Andrew Carruthers 

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Wellness and personal development are hot topics within the hair industry for good reason. The entire industry had a forced moment of reflection a few years ago and we are continuing to watch as solo-preneurs, salon owners, and product companies navigate what “business as usual” looks like in a world with very different expectations. Disruption can be a very positive force for change, yet it can also be very difficult to find a level of harmony within which leads to a sense of overwhelm. This is the most common term I hear in conversations with all levels of stylists and leaders… overwhelm.

What’s the solution? Remember the old adage about how to eat an elephant? We have to begin gaining ground on our health and wellness one piece at a time. Trying to improve every aspect at once will only add to that sense of overwhelm.

Take a Personal Wellness Inventory

First, we must become aware of our current state. The self-assessment below is a great start! The most important part is that we step into this assessment with compassion for ourselves and try our best to keep judgement at bay. We have no ability to change or develop if we are unaware of what needs our attention.

Rate the level of wellness on a level of 1-5 (one being very low and 5 being excellent)

  • Ask “what is affecting this number” (both directions… what is making it a high number or what is making it a low number.)
  • Decide which of the areas needs focus most urgently. Only one! 
  • Create a plan to start playing and experimenting with something that may improve that area of wellness.

*** Notice on the last step it doesn’t say “commit to what you are going to change”. That often takes us right back into overwhelm. So instead, ask “what would be a fun and interesting way to play or experiment with this aspect of my life?”

My recommendation is to stick with your first experiment long enough to start noticing change. And this can be difficult because all of us have a very short attention span. The moment we start to notice some shift or relief, we redirect our focus. And, that shift usually happens before new habits are built. If it doesn’t seem to be working, don’t give up, just modify the experiment. Simply changing where we do something, who we do it with, when we do it, or how long we do it can make a massive difference.

Speaking of habits, making this entire process into a regular practice will keep the momentum moving forward. Often, we wait for pain to arise to seek out this type of support! Imagine what it would be like to stay in front of the pain. Imagine what it would be like to have a regular practice of feeling good and giving attention to the elements that keep us happy, healthy, and successful in our career.

We can’t always influence the conditions and events around us, but we always have influence over how we take care of ourselves. Remember that wellness is a choice that we make every day… even when it’s hard.

Take care of yourselves,

Andrew @andrew.carruthers

Andrew Carruthers

Andrew Carruthers

Andrew Carruthers is Culture Ambassador for Sam Villa, founder of The Journeyist and mBIT coach/trainer



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