Coach Dawna Jarvis steers you toward salon success with these five strategic tips.

Coach Dawna Jarvis steers you toward salon success with these five strategic tips. 

Running a hair salon is like steering a ship through stormy waters - it requires a delicate balance of creativity and strategy. But let's face it, standing out in a sea of competitors can be a real challenge. How do you make your salon the talk of the town? How do you attract a steady stream of clients and keep them coming back for more?

Let's discuss five electrifying strategies that are guaranteed to give your salon a boost:

1. Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

What sets your salon apart from the rest? Emphasize your strengths and make them the centerpiece of your marketing plan. If you specialize in hair extensions, make that the focus of your marketing. You are the star of the show, so shine bright! 

2. Embrace the Future

Technology is a game-changer in the world of hair care. Make sure your online presence is on point, with a professional website and social media presence that showcases your services and promotions. Don't be afraid to reach for the stars and tap into the local media to increase your visibility.

3. Make Friends in High Places

Building relationships with your local community is a crucial component of your salon's success. Be a part of the neighborhood, participate in local events, and engage with your clients in person. You never know who will become your next big fan!

4. Stay Ahead of the Trend

Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest industry innovations and trends. Keep an eye on the competition and adjust your strategies as needed. The beauty business is always evolving, so stay nimble!

5. Create a Memorable Experience

Your clients' journey begins the moment they step inside your salon. The top hair salons craft an ambiance that makes clients feel like VIPs, starting from the cordial welcome to the final goodbye. Invest in your staff's professional development, utilize premium quality products, and provide a variety of services to accommodate your client's needs. Client contentment is essential to the success of your salon, so strive to go beyond their expectations at all times.

Owning a hair salon is both an art and a science. With a dash of innovation, a pinch of hard work, and a commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience, you can set your salon apart from the crowd and achieve long-term success. Use these bold moves to elevate your salon to the next level, and watch your business grow!

About the Author: Dawna Jarvis is a former salon owner, master stylist and business growth strategist from Los Angeles. Aside from slaying it behind the chair, Jarvis is passionate about helping business owners dominate their niche and explode their online presence. To learn more visit

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Originally posted on Salon Today