With over 15+ years of experience in the beauty industry, Yara del a Torre (@yara.delatorre), a dynamic salon owner, stylist, and Business Energetics Coach, has built a reputation not only for her talent but also for her resilience, bouncing back after a devastating injury in 2019 that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Today, she does hair from her wheelchair, while at the same time, she has found a unique way to guide beauty pros to harness their inner strengths, with a blend of business experience, astrology, intuition, and empathy.

In her work, de la Torre says she helps beauty professionals identify and conquer their limiting beliefs and blockages.

“I guide them to tap into their very own unique, natural power and unlock their full potential, leading to a more abundant and aligned personal and professional life,” says de la Torre. “It’s about making it all connect!”

This unique approach resonates with many beauty professionals, in that it combines different belief systems that are welcoming to everyone. 

"It deals with a mind, body and spirit alignment, bringing forth balance and harmony, something all of us aim to achieve," de la Torre shares.



Photo: Yara de la Torre combines business, energetics, and astrology in her unique approach to life and business. 

MODERN SALON and de la Torre are collaborating on a new content series that will merge business and the movement of the cosmos.  It was inspired by de la Torre's journey of self-discovery, during which time she delved deep into modalities like astrology, numerology, and tarot. 

In this series, The Cosmos Update (de la Torre suggested playing on "cosmetology" and the cosmos in the series title, and we love it!), de la Torre will interpret the monthly cosmic transits and the major events of the season, helping us decipher and understand the energies and themes that will be significant.  We will be learning about the astrological calendar, the zodiac wheel,  and planetary movements, with de la Torre acting as our guide to this ancient way of understanding ourselves and the world around us. 

"I call this a 'cheat sheet to life'," de la Torre concludes. "There are always cosmic energies playing in the background that deeply influence our lives and when we're aware of them, it makes it easier to navigate life and enjoy the journey a whole lot more."

Join us each month as we learn, celebrate, and navigate.  The Cosmos Update will be shared online and on social. 

Learn more about Yara de la Torre and her work here. 


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