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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A recent survey conducted by Vagaro, a leading salon, spa, and fitness software, highlights the significant presence of neurodivergent professionals in the beauty industry, with 50% of participants identifying as such.

The research also showcases the innovative ways salon and spa professionals cater to neurodivergent clients - highlighting the role of technology and software in creating inclusive spaces and the human aspect of nurturing relationships, empathy, and understanding.

  • 27% of survey participants said they work on a team with a neurodivergent peer and 43% of participants said they offer services specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients who are neurodivergent or on the autism spectrum.

Findings indicate that these salon and spa professionals proactively ask about accommodation requests beforehand, offering quieter or noise-reduced options such as quiet hair clippers, providing an array of lighting options, and more.

  • 56% of these providers said technology is helpful in making accommodations for neurodivergent clients, pointing out that scheduling software plays a crucial role in reducing sensory overload.

They say capabilities such as online booking systems, digital check-ins, forms, and automated appointment reminders help reduce factors that can contribute to overstimulation and streamline the overall experience.

Vagaro Chief Marketing Officer, Charity Hudnall says, "Our survey showcases the growing dedication of salon and spa professionals to inclusivity and innovation. By encouraging acceptance, celebrating diversity, and leveraging technology - we can create more accessible spaces for both neurodivergent clients and industry professionals.”

See the full findings of Vagaro’s survey of neurodivergence among salon and spa professionals on the Vagaro blog, highlighted amid National Autism Acceptance Month.

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