At Premiere Orlando 2013, we visited a Shearology 101 class by Bonika Shears which taught stylists all about how to properly use and care for their most precious tool in their career—their shears.

Here are some shear tips:


Store your shears in a cool, dry place free of humidity, dust or chemicals. Always make sure to pack up your shears in their proper cases—do not store them with other tools like flatirons, curling irons or blow driers. Keep them in a safe place; opt for a salon mat which, IF you drop your shears, will protect them from alignment issues or breaking the blades all together.



Use a soft cloth with oil to clean shears, avoid the use of paper or paper towels as these can create small scratches and ruin your shears polished surface. Oil your shears weekly, focus on screws and joints. Be careful not to over oil, one drop will suffice.


Hire a professional sharpener to do the job and make sure they have a quality sharpening device. Do not use a knife sharpener, this will ruin your blades. Also, avoid from cutting cloth, wires, metal or other items (other than hair!) with your shears.

Want to find out if your shears are in proper alignment? Watch the video below for additional advice.

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