A demonstration of proper hand stretching.
A demonstration of proper hand stretching.

Davines, an Italian beauty product brand that emphasizes health and sustaining the environment, has developed a video demonstrating six exercises intended to help hairdressers maintain good posture, avoid injuries, eliminate fatigue and shake off stress. The exercises primarily address breathing technique and a stylist’s key body areas—hands/wrists, cervical area and back.


“The work of a stylist or colorist is exciting but physically demanding,” the video’s narrator notes. “Much of the day is spent on your feet doing repetitive movements like cutting, shampooing and using a dryer. Many times we unintentionally do these repetitive movements with poor posture, straining our bodies for hours without breaks.”


The six exercises recommended in the video are:


Exercise 1: Breathing

Best time: early morning 

a. Rest your right palm on your chest and your left palm on your stomach.

b. Slowly inhale, focusing your breath through your stomach by keeping your chest still.

Repeat 3 times.


Exercise 2: Head Stretching

Best time: during the workday

a. Inhale as you look up.

b. Exhale as you lower your chin toward your chest, stretching the upper part of the neck.

c. Inhale as you bring your head to the center.

d. Exhale as you lower your ear toward your shoulder on the same side.

Repeat 3 times up and down on each side.


Exercise 3: Spine and Shoulder Stretching

Best time: during the workday

a. Sit on a chair.

b. Spread your knees without lifting your feet.

c. Exhale as you lean forward, dropping your head between your knees.

d. After letting your head and shoulders relax for a few seconds, slowly raise them back to center.


Exercise 4: Upper Body Stretching

Best time: during the workday

a. Standing up with good posture, place one hand lightly against a wall.

b. Keeping your fingertips against the wall, stretch your arm and upper body.

Repeat 3 times on each side.


Exercise 5: Wrist and Finger Stretching

Best time: during the workday

a. Push your shoulders down.

b. Stretch your fingers one by one.

c. Gently push back your fingertips while pushing your wrist forward.

Repeat 3 times on each hand.


Exercise 6: Feet Lift and Ankle Rotation

Best time: at night

a. Lift your heels, keep them up for a few seconds and put them down.

b. Lift your foot and rotate the ankle three times in each direction.

Repeat 3 times on each foot.


The 7-minute video concludes: “People who feel well will work well.”


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