Cory Hoffman (@coryhoffmanhair) of Butterfly Loft Salon, Encino, CA., is a Matrix Artistic Educator and Matrix Certified Color Master.  When we saw this transformation we contacted Hoffman and asked for details:

"This client came to see me from a previous stylist with some obvious new growth, a natural level 4 dark brown, and some banding from inconsistent lifting.  The goal was to even everything out to match the lightest band.  I then toned with a darker formula at the scalp area to soften the line of demarcation as the hair started to grow back in.  My goal is always to have the hair looking just as beautiful when they come back in for a retouch as when they leave the salon."

Step 1: Apply Matrix Lightmaster and 30 volume to the new growth. Process, lifting to match the gold band.

Step 2: Then apply Lightmaster and 20 volume to that band, feathering into the lightest band (careful not to overlap).

Step 3: Apply Matrix Pro Solutionist 5+ Protopak to the light band. Process for an additional 30 minutes lifting to yellow.

Step 4: Apply Matrix Lightmaster and 10 volume to the yellow ends and process 10 more minutes until the hair was even, scalp to ends. Shampoo and dry the hair. 

Step 5: From scalp to about 2 inches down, tone with Matrix ColorSync equal parts 8P and 10v with equal parts 10 volume. From that point to the ends apply Matrix ColorSync SPV. Process for 20 minutes. 

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