Eyes on Cancer Training Available Through Sola Salon Studios

To mark Skin Cancer Awareness Month in May, Sola Salon Studios is collaborating with Eyes on Cancer to offer free training to Sola stylists in how to recognize early signs of skin cancers, particularly melanoma, on the head and scalp. Through the SolaPro App, stylists can access a voucher for the 30-minute online course, normally $10, that certifies beauty industry professionals and provides direction in the best ways to share skin cancer information with clients. Sola will make a formal announcement on stage during the May 8 Sola Sessions event in Washington, D.C.

“As beauty professionals, we can save a life by addressing potential skin cancer early in areas only we see on a regular basis,” says Jeanne Braa Foster, vice president of Eyes on Cancer and a renowned stylist/educator. “Take this 30-minute course for yourself, family, friends and clients. I have personally saved a life, and it feels amazing!” She hopes that Eyes on Cancer will become part of cosmetology schools’ core curriculum and skin cancer awareness part of the ordinary salon/spa experience.

Melanoma affects 3.3 million people each year, according to the Skin Care Foundation. Beauty professionals may see as many as 120 cases of cases of skin cancer over the course of their careers. Eyes on Cancer has a goal to enlist 20,000 salons and their teams to complete their Skin Cancer Awareness Course by 2020.

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